Adopt a Regional – what up NYC!

In a bold sister city move LA adopted Korea’s brand new region for mentoring and support in growing their local community. With brand new Regional Contacts in Russia, Israel, Brazil, Japan,Korea, and Spain the focus is on making connections and strengthening our worldwide regional network. New regionals are cropping up all over the world, and we’re beginning to interconnect in some new ways to share what we’ve learned. We were up to 116 at my last count and it’s growing daily, seems like I get a “welcome to a new region!” email every week these days. And Afrikaburn has become its own little mecca, I for one would LOVE to go see what is the largest burn outside the Gerlach regional to date.

North Bay adopted New YorkSacramento adopted Reno, and Brazil has been adopted by Boston and SF.

Alberta adopted Manitoba. Arizona adopted New Mexico. Utopia in Japan and You topia in San Diego are considering becoming sister events, natch. Love it!

Find out more about what is going on around the world at the Global Leadership Conference blog – play 21 questions with some of the international RC’s!

Meeting people from around the world and also just from around the way was super inspiring. Hearing stories of how problems were solved and plans turned into dreams come true for Burners just like me and you makes me want to go out and create my own. Super creative ideas, really neat events and awesome community building along with some inventive civic projects to keep us all honest. Check out what is going on globally in our Burning Man Regional Network – amazing things are happening. We really are Everywhere!

If anyone makes a yarn sculpture depicting the sister regional connections we’d love pics : D perhaps a modern dance? Or performance art…color me global. However you interpret your world, whatever your medium, reach out and share it. Here’s to finding ways to say what you mean and sharing it with the audience ready to hear it.

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