and we’re back!

It’s like we were never gone! Welcome back North Bay Burners. Your regional website is revived. Thank you so much to our new host. We are checking out the revamped digs and they are sweet. Emergency Services to the rescue! Stat. I think we have a pulse…

So you can come back here for the usual monthly newsletter and an occasional rant on this or that. I’ll be putting back the content as I can find it, and as always if anyone is inspired to write something, or post up some pictures, or review some art or music, or tell us about the cool stuff you are up to out there we love that. You are all cordially invited to chime in. I’ll make you a login and everything. Or you can just send it to me and I’ll post it up for you. That works too.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s so nice to see you. Do come by again when we’ve finished cleaning up the place and see what’s new. Until then, be good to each other.

xoxo RLL

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