April NorthBayNews

Hello my lovelies! Sending you this as I head off to join all of the other Regional Contacts from here, there and everywhere at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference in Oakland this weekend. http://burningman-glc.com/ xoxo RLL

Have you checked out SPARK yet? A great way to connect with projects and share resources http://spark.burningman.com/

FrogSong is looking for an artist to design their new onsite public art. Focus on recycled materials and interactivity, loves the idea of water reclamation as a function. Check out the request for proposals! http://www.northbayburners.com/request-for-proposals-frogsong/

April 2013

North Bay Salon – monthly meet and greet. watch this space for specifics…third wednesdays in Cotati.

May 2013

Digital Renaissance Faire is on fire! http://www.digitalrenfaire.org/10principles.html

July 2013

Burning Girl on the 4th of July, 2013 Discover Burning Girl this 4th of July. http://www.burninggirl.myevent.com/

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