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Dear North Bay Burners,

I am sad to report that due to the flooding in the Black Rock Desert the event is cancelled this year. We just cannot guarantee your safety on a waterlogged playa, There are too many soft spots where vehicles cannot pass. So there will be no Burning Man 2017.

April fools! Kidding. There has been a lot of rain. And my feed has been full of pictures of people kayaking on the playa. But rumors of the Gerlach Regional being cancelled are false. The event is on, and if you didn’t secure a ticket yet don’t panic. There is still STEP and the OMG sale coming up. Connect with a camp or a project that needs workers. Stay hungry, tickets always come available at the end of the summer.

The Global Leadership Conference is this weekend, and it’s the first year I’ve missed since becoming a Regional Contact. It’s all good though, I’m hard at work organizing your next local event – the Cotatitarod needs you! We are having meetings each week on Wednesdays at 7pm at the Flagship Taproom in Cotati for volunteers and organizers. Come down and meet the people making it happen, we’ve been having a lot of fun planning the race. All three of your Regional Contacts are working on this event, and it’s coming together nicely.

We just need to meet our fundraising goal and we’ll be golden. Please make a donation if you can, and help us get the production costs covered so the event can break even and turn into an annual thing. Any little bit helps, please spread the word! http://bity.ly/cotatitarod2017 is the link for donations.

Read on for info on tickets, a fundraiser in SF, our very own shopping cart race based on the CHIditarod, and UnScruz regional in Santa Cruz!

Happy fools and bunnies,

xoxo RLL

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For information on tickets you can go to the Burning Man site http://tickets.burningman.org/ and find out dates you need for things like getting in STEP http://tickets.burningman.org/secure-ticket-exchange-program or applying for the Low Income Ticket program http://tickets.burningman.org/low-income-ticket-program and I would also suggest subscribing to the Jackrabbit Speaks to stay up on information about all the things. http://jackrabbit.burningman.org/t/t-l-huddktt-gururtyd-ty/

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An EGGS Bar 2017 fundraiser

Saturday, April 15th
San Francisco

TICKETS: https://joynr.co/36087

The EGGS Easter Wonderland returns in 2017 with an amazing line up of
DJs and entertainment:

• ShOOey (Space Cowboys)
• HiJinx (Rhythm Society, Decadent Oasis)
• kev/null (Rhythm Society)
• Cptn Jay (Airpusher)
• ezwhip
• Burlesque by Miss Kitty Oaks
• Raffle!
• Costume Contest!
…and more surprises to rock your eggs!

Dress up in your favorite Easter themed outfit, polka-dotted egg,
bouncing bunny, zombie Jesus or your own creation!

This booty shaking fundraiser will ensure another year of EGGS BAR at
Burning Man 2017!

Saturday, April 15th

5051 Mission St.
San Francisco

TICKETS: https://joynr.co/36087

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Cotatitarod 2017
April 29th at LaPlaza Park in Cotati

Like to dress up and run around? How about a pub crawl to benefit the hungry people living in Sonoma County? We have the event for you! North Bay Burners brings you our local version of the CHIditarod – a shopping cart race in downtown Cotati to benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Dust off your costumes, decorate your shopping cart, and join the Cotatitarod.

Register your team http://northbayburners.org/cotatitarod/racer-registration/

Get together a team of five people. Collect 60lbs of food to donate per team. Got your own shopping cart? Great. Please don’t steal them. You can beg them or borrow them, that’s fine. Can’t find a shopping cart? Borrow one (we got them from Oliver’s Market. Thanks Olivers!) and decorate the morning of the race.

What does Redwood Empire Food Bank need donated? The things on this list! http://northbayburners.org/cotatitarod/food-donation-shopping-guide/ Hungry people of Sonoma County thank you! Want to make a donation to the REFB? Go here! http://refb.org/event/cotatitarod/

Donate http://bity.ly/cotatitarod2017 it’s tax-deductible! Every bit helps. Want to volunteer? Email northbay (at) burningman (dot) org and find out more.

Part pub crawl, part costume contest, part charitable event, and all fun. Compete for prizes and glory! Trivia questions will be asked! Stupid human tricks will be performed! Be a part of the very first shopping cart race in downtown Cotati and earn your Cotatitarod bragging rights. It’s for a great cause, and it’s going to be a great day.



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unSCruz! Santa Cruz Regional Burning Man Event
Friday May 5th – Sunday May 7th


Santa Cruz Burners is excited to invite you to get dusty with us at unSCruz, our 7th annual regional Burning Man event!

$75 Tier 2 tickets starts March 3, 2017
$90 Tier 3 tickets starts April 7–May 7, 2017


All ages event (under 12 free, under 18 with signed guardian)

$40 Limited RV/Camper Passes (the passes should be kept to vehicles used for camping, have a trailer or RV) Vehicle pass does not include RV hook-ups. All other vehicles DO NOT NEED a pass, your vehicle will be in a lot nearby. We have shuttles to take you to your camp and you can visit your car anytime.

We’ll soon update this event page with specifics about theme camps, music, art, camping, and community involvement. This is an all-ages event that comes to life through the participation of all who attend.

Want to volunteer? Please send a simple email to Volunteer@unSCruz.com

Have a theme camp, art or mutant car to bring to unSCruz? Check out the art grant and placement applications available online here:

Check out our website for detailed FAQ’s, participation applications, and photos from previous years.

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::: Reminder ::: Have stuff you want included? Please answer this questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/Vrasv0Srvh. It will be considered for the next monthly announce newsletter which comes out around the first of the month. The North Bay Burners Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/northbayburners and our discussion list at https://groups.google.com/a/burningman.org/forum/#!forum/northbay-list are largely unmoderated. Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop? Got an idea for a sewing party? Feel like having some burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite us over! ::: Reminder :::

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