Argy Bargy Lake

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Argy Bargy Lake County

meet and greet
Saturday, July 16th
Hal’s Place
Hidden Valley Lake, CA
email kellyann (dot) Walton (at) burningman (dot) org for the secret location!

All right Lake! It’s your turn : D We are meeting in a secret location, a gated community at Hidden Valley Lake. PM me for details and I will give you the mystery directions. Looking forward to gathering the Lake County Burners for a meet and greet that’s long overdue.

Bring your arguing points, topics of note, snark, controversy and opinions and let’s iron the wrinkles out of each other’s cerebellum. Enough of this namby pamby pablum. Prepare to eat your words.

Adult beverages will be consumed! Snacks will be eaten! I dare you to pony up and make us care. What’s your poison? Take two and double down on debate. If sparkling water is your thing bring it. I’ll drink whatever you have and burp in your face. Take that, you churlish wag. And then try mine! What is it? None of your beeswax! Just shut up and argue. Or don’t. See if I care.

We will make the opaque clear and the crystal broken. Don’t stop there. It’s at your place! Well. If you will allow. At your behest. And beside yourself betides. Pirates, bunnies, chickens, f’ckos, sparkle ponies or donkeys, n00bs and old skool are welcome and everyone else too. Bring yours and I’ll show you his! Or hers. Or theirs. We’re not picky. But we are a bit rude. Not mean exactly. Just next door. So wake up and dust off and get yours.

And the topic is holding an event on a barge in a lake. Or maybe a few barges. Wanna play? Come tell me why it’s nuts! And yet genius and an awesome way to do fire art in a dry county during the summer. Bring a friend. Or someone you just met. Or come alone and leave together. It’s Argy Bargy. Let’s make it real.

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