Argy Bargy Weekend

This weekend we get to double down on debate and bring the snark. You get two chances, make them count!

See you there!

Xoxo RLL

Argy Bargy Marin
meet and greet
Aurelia’s place
Friday, June 24th
502 Neds Way
Tiburon CA

Calling all Marin County Burners! potluck at Aurelia’s place : D it’s a meet and greet just for you. Headed up the mountain for some crazy rural party afterwards, follow us to a second location if you dare! And the topic is rules. Why do we have so many stupid rules? We didn’t used to have them. What is the point? Stop telling us what to do dang it. Or do we need them?

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(

Argy Bargy Santa Rosa
meet and greet
Saturday, June 25th
Olson’s place
1151 Humboldt Street
Santa Rosa

We’re back at Chris and Jody’s place for another round of playa tips and tricks. It’s a potluck, bring a friend! And the topic is hacks. What stupid thing have you come up with that you do in the desert? We want to hear all about it so we can point and laugh and tell you you’re doing it all wrong! It’s show and tell, burner style.

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