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Dear North Bay Burners,

Burn all the things! I mean build all the things 😀 it’s coming North Bay, with less than a month to go before Gate opens the Burn is upon us. You have one more chance at a newbie orientation up in Willits with the Mendo Burners on August 16th, that will be our Salon for this month so come up for the meet and greet Mendo style. Bring your newbies and we will bbq them up good. rrrarrh

Still need a ticket? The OMG sale starts on August 6th, get your Burner Profile mojo working if you want to get in on that action. You can get a vehicle pass in this sale if you need one and didn’t get one with your ticket before. Also, the Temple will burn at 8pm this year, that’s an hour early from years past so get your tea hiney out there well before sunset, k?

Aaand we have a Scrap Swap and Make planned for the 3rd, the scrap art depot lives! Bring your upcycled goodies and a glue gun and we’ll make a bunch of cool scrap art items to gift away at the burn this year.

The North Bay Oasis will be out at the Man base on playa doing the Souk thing on Wednesday from 4-8 so come out and play with us, we will be gifting away the scrap art items we made and we’d love to show and tell you all about it. Want to play too? Even better! You can make stuff too, or pull a shift as an Innkeeper, or just show up and be a part of the art.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited to see all the neat stuff you’re making to bring to the burn. The North Bay Oasis will be at 3 o’clock and Ephesus, stop by and say hello! Brought to you by North Bay Burners, for North Bay Burners, well and anyone else who happens to wander by. Got game? Bring it! We’d love to see you out there.

xoxo RLL

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

The Caravansary Souk — A Call for Participation!

What is The Caravansary Souk?
This year the Man will be surrounded by a colorful circle of tents known as the Souk. This new public space will be a bustling marketplace where nothing is for sale, devoted to gifting, cultural exchange, interactive performance, and a playful commerce in ideas. Stalls in the Souk will be staffed by 25 unmerchant groups from the Burning Man Regional Network.
Learn more about the Souk project, including a listing of the Regional participants, here:

Celebrate the Souk Grand Opening!
Monday, August 25 at the feet of the Man, 7-9 pm
Every journey on the Silk Road needs a celebration of welcoming and rejoicing with fellow travelers. All are invited to participate in the Grand Opening/Going Out of Business Extravaganza in the Caravansary Souk. As the sun sets on the first of seven magical nights, explore and discover exotic delights and unattainable wares as you connect with your community from around the world.
The festivities will be kicked off by a grand parade starting at the Everywhere pavilion and leading into the Souk. Those who wish to join in the parade are asked to assemble at Everywhere by 6:30 pm. The extravaganza in the Souk will commence at 7:00 pm and run through 9:00 pm. Performers of all stripes invited!!
Contact souk2014-grand-opening (at) burningman (dot) com if you want to perform or contribute in some way!
Facebook event:

Al-Ari Invites Traveling Performers to Participate in the Souk!
To enliven the festive atmosphere of the Souk plaza, caravan master Larry “Al-Ari” Harvey extends his personal invitation to itinerant jugglers, acrobats, fortune tellers, magicians, seers, fakirs, sadhus, strongmen, sword swallowers, fire eaters, dervishes, human statuary, and dancing sign-shakers to bless us with the gift of performance in the Souk throughout the week. For more information, see:

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Cruz the Wave Funraiser Dance Party Part II
Friday, August 1st 9pm -1:30am
Bocci’s Cellar
140 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, California 95060
$10 at the door

If you missed the Create the Wave FUNraiser Dance Party at the Trout Farm, you definitely don’t want to miss Create the Wave FUNraiser Dance Party, Part II at Bocci Cellars! This is going to be an EPIC party – Burner style! And, it helps us to Create the Wave that will be seen at Burning Man and Around the World!

We will be raffling a TICKET to BURNING MAN at Midnight!! Tickets are only 5/$5 or 25/$20!! The more you buy, the better your chances of WINNING!

If you have an art car you would like us to feature that night in front of Bocci’s Cellars, please contact us at info (at) cruzthewave (dot) com
If you are an entertainer (dj, hooper, belly dancer, juggler, etc) and would like to be added to our lineup, please contact us atinfo (at) cruzthewave (dot) com

So put on your gnarliest surf duds or coolest burner attire and show your love and support for Cruz the Wave, our Santa Cruz Community Burning Man 2014 Art Project! Come on out and “Hang Ten” with us and let’s ride this epic wave together!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Greetings and love, fellow Burners, from your buddies at Red Lightning!

Every night of Burning Man, please join the Red Lightning family (8:30 & ESPLANADE) for our Sunset Celebration on the Playa. Bring the day to a close and welcome the night with a pulsing circle of drummers, musicians, hoopers, fire poi, cirque performers and more. Join us as we create a glorious rhythm, giving thanks and celebrating life.

The Sunset Celebration will be held each evening, beginning one hour before sunset and building to a crescendo just before the sun drops below the horizon. Expect an organic flow of music, dance and creative expression that will bring to life our love and gratitude for the Sun. We’ll bring the music to silence just before sundown, bidding it goodbye and welcoming the night.

Come honor the conclusion of each day’s sacred journey of the sun across the Black Rock Desert sky. Please consider joining us each night as we work to create the largest Sunset Celebration and Drum Circle on the Playa.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Dance 4 Positivity: International Human Color Wheel
Calling all dancers, drummers, fun souls Bring your veils…Be the Art!

Wednesday, August 27 at 1:00pm on playa

Join the Earth Guardians in dance meditation with intention of creating POSITIVITY around the globe beginning with ourselves. Together we will draw upon the incredible energy of the Cosmos and nurture & cultivate it until with abundance it bursts back into the Universe for all to experience, for all to share. A limited number of Color Wheel veils will be available or bring your own (and one to share)!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Sonoma Ant Wars – robot battle
Join Chimera for the second year they’ve hosted the awesome Sonoma Ant Wars fighting robot competition! This is a family friendly, all day event on August 2nd from 11am to 8pm.

Watch over 30 mini fighting robots fight to the death in an all day robot war! Kids under 12 free!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Support is CLITical! Empower the Vulvatron’s Maiden Vulvage to the Playa!

You can help bring The Vulvatron to Burning Man by donating to our Indiegogo campaign and sharing the campaign with your friends and lovers!
IndieGOGO Campaign:

The Vulvatron is an interactive, immersive mobile art environment that honors the female form and celebrates the divine feminine in us all. We feature live video projections, responsive LED animations, scents, and sounds for a total-sensory experience.

Learn about us at:
Connect on our FB Page:

Thank you for supporting!
We can’t wait to welcome you into The Vulvatron!

The Clitterati!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

George Post – Dancing with the Playa Messiah

08/12/2014 6:00 pm
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, 94111

From the beach in San Francisco to a thriving annual city of 50,000 in the Nevada Desert, Burning Man has become an internationally recognized epicenter for radical self expression, art, and performance. Join photographer George Post in Dancing with the Playa Messiah, his two-decade documentation of this amazing event.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Have you ever showed up on playa with *nothing* to wear?!

Kostume Kult — Burning Man’s largest costume gifter is in BIG TROUBLE
with too few costumes and a big hungry playa to feed!

Every year Kostume Kult gifts 2000+ pounds of costumes donated by
costume shops, manufacturers, theater groups and *Burners Like You*
who wish to recycle their lesser-used costumes and freaky fashions.
BUT!… This year we are getting a domino effect of bad news from our
biggest donors and are now scrambling hard — and need your help!

So please considering gathering a box or three and shipping it all to
our Pennsylvania sorting location or, if you are really sure you can
get them there, bring to us on-playa (@ Esplanade near 3:30). We can
recycle adult costumes and colorful fashion items but cannot use
regular clothes, shoes or handheld accessories (aka MOOP).

Please contact Michelle at donations (at) kostumekult (dot) com to tell us what
you got and to arrange shipping. WE LOVE YOU!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Bikes for the Playa

Community Bikes, the non-profit, volunteer-run, burner-friendly bike shop has available a whole range of bikes, including ones in the $25 to $50 range especially for people who don’t want to take their nice bikes up to the playa. Come early for the best choices.

Community Bikes is open Thursdays to Sundays from one to five in the afternoon. We are located at 4019 Sebastopol Road in west Santa Rosa.

We are always looking for volunteers with all skill levels.

Thank you.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(


AUGUST 7 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Huckleberry Bicycles
1073 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Join your friends at Huckleberry Bicycles to get your bike playa-ready. Light up your bike, be seen and avoid playa-crashes: MonkeyLectric has got your trippy LED needs covered. Boombotix has speakers to make your music-bike dreams come true. Need to grab a lock? How about a pump for your camp? Spare tubes? Maybe a chain or a basket? We’ve got all of that, and we’ll even have some tennis balls for your kickstands. If you’re a virgin burner, we’ll explain all of this to you. We may even show you how to fix a flat and give you a superb packlist.

Playa Bike Repair will amuse us with stories of the most common bicycle failures and [gasp] how to prevent them! In honor of 2014′s theme: Caravansary, bring your playa bike and they’ll transport it to the playa for $50.

DJ Serious Leisure will spin. Yes, there will be free beer. Yes, there will be Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Yes, there will be Bicycle Bánh Mi. Yes, there will be valet bike parking. And yes, proceeds from this event will go to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.


)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Do you have a FUN INTERACTIVE POD or camp?
Do you like to show off your art or teach a skill?
Do you like BBQs in a downtown park next to the Rodeo Grounds?
How about having FUN meeting new people?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions (and I’m sure you did) then we want YOU to strut your stuff and/or skills at the upcoming Burning Man Participation Pic-i-nic aka

+++++ BBQ A NOOBIE +++++

Where: Wowser LLC
330 E Commercial St
Willits, California
When: August 16, 2014, 12 am to 6 pm

Please let me know what you want to do or bring. Let’s make it awesome!
((((( contact me at jez (at) sonic (dot) net )))))

Bring your virgins, your noobies, your dust-free friends and introduce them to the Burners in their backyard. This as an event FOR and BY Burning Man folks and their NOOBIE friends …(yes, bring your kids too!)…

Whether you are a Burning Man veteran, or are a virgin burner who wants to meet burners and learn more about the event, this pic-i-nic is for YOU!

This here is a POTLUCK BBQ PIC-I-NIC, so…

Bring something for the grill or a dish to share or drinks to share. We support a self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style! After all, we’re out to ed-ju-mi-cate (((( )))) them NOOBIES on how we do it in Black Rock City!

You must bring everything with you to survive the pic-i-nic, including but not limited to:
*At least one 12oz beverage per adult, per hour.
*Enough grillable food for you and your group.
*Layered clothing that preferably sparkles.
*A good folding camp chair or picnic blanket.
*’Leave No Trace’ garbage bags.
*Reusable cup.
*Common sense, an open mind, and a positive, playful attitude.
*A dish to share (e.g.Coleslaw/Greens/Veggie/Potato Salad/Baked Beans/Ambrosia).
*Goggles and face masks in case of dust storms or skunk attack.
*Burgins! Noobies! More Burgins!

By coming, you consent to edjumicate and be edjumicated. There is little or no danger of injury or death. No tickets are required, but please RSVP!

Somewhat like BRC, a certain level of stuff will be provided, such as charcoal, plates, and condiments. But feel free to bring your own!

To sum it up:
Where: Wowser LLC
330 E Commercial St
Willits, California
When: August 16, 2014, 12 am to 6 pm
Please carpool, take transit or ride your bike.
Spread the word!

All my love,

Jeremy aka Cave
)””( North Bay Regional Team
northbay (at) burningman (dot) com

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Come make stuff for the North Bay Oasis to gift away at Burning Man!

We are having a little scrap swap and make to show off the new studios at Fulton Crossing while we cobble together some scrap art from the bits and bobs we’ve collected and things that normally get thrown away.

SCRAP Swap and Make
Sunday at 4:00pm
August 3rd, 2014
Fulton Crossing, 1200 River Road, Fulton, CA

The idea of a scrap art depot lives, some of our very own are taking the ball and running with that sucker, what?! go Janelle and Aileen. I am all in, and my friend June who is hosting us at her studio is too. Wanna play? come on down! we got lots of stuff to play with and we’d love to play with you.

upcyclingly yours,


)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

::: Reminder ::: Have stuff you want included? Please send to northbay (at) burningman (dot) com with POST REQUEST in the subject line. It will be considered for the next monthly announce newsletter which comes out around the first of the month. The North Bay Burners Facebook group at and our discussion list at are largely unmoderated. Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop? Got an idea for a sewing party? Feel like having some Burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite us over! Have something that’s too long for announce? Do a guest blog! Email northbay (at) burningman (dot) com and request a login. ::: Reminder :::

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