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Hoopy happy hee to the haw ya’ll, this is one freewheeling, momentum-gathering, flying by faster than you can say “playa dust” kind of a summer. Whew! Can you feel it? We are so almost there. So whether you will be making the annual pilgrimage to the Gerlach regional this year or not, here is a healthy helping of what you asked for with a big side of whatcha need. Got art? Bring it. Be it, do it, see it but for the sake of all that is good and bumpy get out there and find yours!

x’s and o’s and turn on the bubble machine! 😀 RLL

 Sunday. Sunday. Sunday

Sunday, August 4th is the Participation Pic-I-Nic in Willits so go strut your stuff and/or skills at the upcoming Burning Man Participation Pic-i-nic aka +++++ BBQ A NOOBIE +++++


Where: Recreation Park, Willits

When: August 4, 2013, 11 am to 5 pm

Bring your virgins, your noobies, your dust-free friends and introduce them to the Burners in their backyard. This as an event FOR and BY Burning Man folks and their NOOBIE friends …(yes, bring your kids too!)…

Whether you are a Burning Man veteran, or are a virgin burner (BURGIN) who wants to meet burners and learn more about the event, this pic-i-nic is for YOU!

This here is a POTLUCK BBQ PIC-I-NIC, so…Bring something for the grill or a dish to share or drinks to share. We support a self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style! After all, we’re out to ed-ju-mi-cate them NOOBIES on how we do it in Black Rock City!

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North Bay Burners On Playa Bacon Breakfast and art tour
North Bay Burners hit the playa with…bacon!
Come share some salty piggy (or your happy veggie alternative!) with us and then bike around and check out some art. w00t!
Thursday, August 29, 2013
location – Outpost Berlin in the 3 o’clock plaza
xoxo RLL

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BMIR’s Request for News – Get on the Air!

Tom LaPorte and Jack Whelan are in Chicago, producing news pieces for
BMIR (and other stations). They will play as drop-ins. They are
looking for stories from your regions.  Please think what may interest
people listening to their radios.  Your events, projects, BWB
activities, cool art pieces, etc. are all of interest.Send your ideas and contact information to If
you have images, send those, too.

Let the world know what you are doing.  They will look at using the
news, too, with the Burning Man Regional Video Network, as well. Thank

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Want to be a part of the art community at Burning Man? This is your chance to create your flag, your art, your message, and your vision of the future, in your own space. It will become part of a giant community tapestry wall on The Life Cube, sharing what’s in your head and your heart with the citizens of Black Rock City and the world.

We’ve made it easy to order a blank canvas for $15 (that includes shipping)! Come on folks; help make this an amazing success. It will be fun, it will be exciting! And tell your friends, your kids, your camp-mates.  (You can also pick up a canvas at your local art supply store).

Interested? Click here to find out more, order a canvas, and reserve your space on the wall: There’s also a Facebook page @

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The Bloom, Episode 2: Practicing the New World

Saturday, August 3
HopMonk, Sebastopol
Tix at HopMonk Box Office or

FB Event:

THE BLOOM is a new documentary webseries illuminating the emerging culture of Transformational Festivals, immersive participatory realities that are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives.

A portion of proceeds from this screening benefits The Bloom Project.

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Share, Showcase and Strut Your Talents on the Center Camp Cafe Stages

The stages in the Center Camp Cafe are open for booking and Center
Camp Cafe has a whole new process to do so that includes bread crumbs,
new & improved forms, personal agency and awesomeness!

If you are interested in performing there, look at the below list and
send an email with (a-c) the following information to the person who
best fits your wants and desires.

a) Whether you already have your ticket to the event, because as all
of you know, we cannot schedule you until you do.
b) Whether you perform all original works? Non copyrighted, non canned

If the answer to both of these questions is “Yes” you are in on the
path to a fabulous spot on the largest living room stage EVER!
c) Also please send a link to the type of music/performance/activity
you are suggesting because we want to be able to offer you the best
possible fit for your art.

Bustling with strangeness, surprise and community of all stripes and
colors, you can share your love of vivacious performances, from
clowning to classical, from funk to flying (aerial) and so much in
between, on the Performance Stage 24-7.

Tuesday-Sunday, bring your passions, your thoughts, and the words that
frame them, to the Spoken Word Stage, with poetry, improv, lectures,
comedy, theatre and dance.

Are you a live music performer with original music (no covers/licensed
music please), magician, thespian, comedian, dancer, aerialist or
Marching Band in search of a stage? Well, we have one to offer and
spots are going fast!

As soon as you have purchased your ticket, contact the following volunteers:

a. For your spoken word/comedy/soap-box stylings:
b. For musical performances (Generally 25 minute-55 minute slots):
c. For aerial performances: (scheduled from 5:30pm-6pm
d. For Marching Bands:
e. For all other types of performances:

There is a whole new process by which to sign up, which includes the
following- which you can start right now!

1. Fill Out a Burner Profile
(, if you haven’t already and
2. Fill Out a Volunteer Questionnaire
( – NOTE: You
may have already done this, however we ask you to do it again in that
the questionnaire has recently changed and as a big change, we now
have access to them(*yippie*) and everyone will benefit from using
them in the scheduling process! (More on this to come, you shall see.)

In the Vol Questionnaire there are a bunch of questions trying to help
understand and showcase your skills and they way you have in the past,
and currently want to be involved with Burning Man. It also asks you
for your interest in volunteering with specific teams. In order to
schedule a performance with us:

• Please check the Center Camp Cafe Team. The next page will be a
small secondary form that gives you options of how to get involved
with Center Camp Cafe.
• On that page, check Cafe Sound.
• When you do that you will be given other options- choose any which
appeal to you, but be SURE to also then Check Performer.

What will then happen is:

You will be responded to by whoever you have contacted regarding the
answers your provided in email form a-c and you will be well on your
way to potentially finding a slot with Center Cafe Stages to share
your craft.

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An Invitation / Sponsor a Memorial Gong / Ceremony

Dear Friends and All Souls destined for BRC,

The Gamelatron Team, who brought to 2011’s Temple of Transition an ensemble of 57 Balinese gongs, are orchestrating A SONIC MEMORIAL that will sound from the inner walls of this year’s vast central pyramid.

Roh Ageng, “Great Spirit,” is dedicated to all those who have passed who have touched and inspired our lives.

Sponsoring a Gong as a Memorial Dedication

We invite you to sponsor, personally or as a group, a ritual gong or to commission an original song that the Temple will sing in ancient bass. Your dedication could be a memorial offering for a loved one, for a special ceremony or something important to you.

Roh Ageng features 15 massive, hand-forged kettle and hanging bass gongs (up to 105 cm wide, 100 lbs and 40 hertz deep) outfitted with robotically-activated mallets. We will call upon these ritual instruments of ancient Java to carry messages between realms, to ward off obstructing forces, to induce healing trance and meditation. Each gong will ripple our dedications across the playa till they are etched in the dust and sky.

As well as serving your intentions, your contributions directly support us in bringing the Memorial to the whole community.


At Sunset on August 26, when the gongs first sound, we will do a formal dedication ceremony with the entire Temple crew and Guardians. Send us ( the names of anyone you wish to have “called in” and honored at that time

For more information on the project and to sponsor a memorial gong, visit

Thank you for all support.

Aaron Taylor Kuffner
The Gamelatron Project

PS Roh Ageng is a deep sound, much different than the orchestra we brought to 2011’s Temple. It will produce a primal hum, a tone bath, as the large gongs resonate so long. It is designed to reach into our bones as much as our hearts, to draw on sound as a path to silence.
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My Fellow Burners,

My name is Karla MacGregor and I own The Burner’s Market.  A personal shopper website designed and dedicated to serving 2103 Burning Man ticket holders. We cater to Burners who are traveling long distances to Reno, Nevada and would like the convenience and savings of having all their camping and survival needs cared for by our local shoppers. We have a very convenient pickup location at 432 E. 4th St in Reno on a Burner owned city block. We also provide a valuable “Take Back” program in addition to Burning Man’s Exodus program for recycling and trash disposal.  Please check out our website and share it with your fellow Burners. You can also find us on the official Burning Man Resources Guide.

Looking forward to a safe and exceptional Burn, Karla

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Rat Lady of the Black Rock City Dimension of Accessibility writes:

“Welcome to the BLACK ROCK CITY DIMENSION OF ACCESSIBILITY (formerly ‘The Department of Mobility’) located in Center Camp at7 o’clock. BRC DoA offers services for Disabled Burners & Able Bodied Burners in the interest of RADICAL INCLUSION (space permitting, of course):

– Playa tours 4x daily & transportation to the burns
– a wheelchair friendly bus for transportation in the city
– an electric chair charging station
– tips for disabled Burners

See us in the guide under DoA or Dept of Mobility. Visit us! Please pass this on to anyone you think might be able to use our services!

We have space for campers, and welcome any help! Visit for more info or contact Rat Lady at brcaccessibility(at)

(reposted from JackRabbit Speaks)
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Calling all dusty playa souls… The Broken Angel Bathhouse is looking for campers! If you are a playa homeless and need a camp check us out! We are looking for all kinds of people especially those that love to make people happy!  We offer massages, healings, bath salt readings and much more!  So please email Dani at and dont forget to check out our facebook page!   See you in the dust!!!

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Greetings!! Bryce Williams here to inform you about an Awesome Pre Party to this year’s Wunderkammer Hand Car Race festival in Old Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. We’ve worked really hard at putting together a show before the Daytime event to draw attention to the Races and we wanted to share the information of the silly Swing Extravaganza with YOU!
Here are all the show details. Thank you!!
Produced by Bryce Williams and Cabaret de Caliente
“ELECTRIC CABARET” A Pre-Wunderkammer Hand Car Race Soire
Saturday, August 24th  @ The Arlene Francis Center for The Arts
Sonoma County’s Biggest Burlesque & Variety Show!
Featuring: Variety Acts – DJ’s – Costumes – ElctroSwing – Art – Wine & more
With DJ DELACHAUX (SF) Spinning Big Beat Electro Swing!!!!
Eva D’ Luscious
Sgt. Die Wies
Kimberly Charp
WildCard Bellydance!
The Peppers
Aries Fire Arts Collective!
Aerial Performers
plus DJ Brycie Bones & Cousin Larry!!!
and Art by Brino-Ism!!
& Live Band TBA
Doors 9pm-1am / 21+
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Steampunk Clothing Design & Sewing Workshop
Wednesday July 31, 10am — 4pm:
We will focus on making Steampunk fashions from upcycled materials, such as linens and second-hand clothing without using patterns and the use of grommets and fasteners. Each student will be provided a top hat and goggles to Steampunk.

One-Day Workshop:
* Cover basics in sewing machines, sergers, hand-sewing, fabric, mending, alterations and how to make garments without patterns.
* Sewing machines are provided but students are encouraged to bring their own if they have one.
* Open to beginning and intermediate students

Sewing has become a lost art. I believe that everyone should have basic sewing skills, and it doesn’t have to be tedious, frustrating or time-consuming. I consider myself a guerilla seamstress; I don’t use patterns, I rarely use pins and use multiple shortcuts for quick results. This is the perfect time to work on Burning Man costume and playa wear projects.

$75/$65 for Arts Benicia membersLocation: Arts Benicia, 991 Tyler Street, Benicia CA
(707) 747-0131

To Register for Arts Benicia Workshops, visit www.ArtsBenicia.orgFor information about the instructor, visit

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The Sacramento CORE project is going through it final build stages and the crew is excited. Check out their current progress on their Facebook page at: They have done a phenomenal job at fundraising and are almost fully funded. They have put up a kickstarter for the final funds needed: Playa Queen Kickstarter. They just need funding for transportation and lighting for the project. Go Playa Queen!
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New Meetups at Chimera! We’re super excited to announce our first set of meetups being hosted at Chimera! After a lot of waiting, we’re now able to open up Chimera to the public!Meetups are all ages, open to the public and free (though we’d love any donations you can offer!). Come on down, learn some things, meet fellow creative people and have fun!

Every Friday, 6-9pm: Open House at Chimera

Mon, August 5, 6-9pm: Software/Hardware Hack Night

Wed, August 7, 6-9pm: Art Meetup

Mon, August 12, 6-9pm: Photo/Video Meetup

Wed, August 14, 6-9pm: Clothing hack

Mon, August 19, 6-9pm: Bike Workshop

See all our public meetups at our page and our calendar!

Hope to see you there!

– The Chimera Team
Chimera Art & Maker Space

6791 Sebastopol Ave.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Todd Barricklow presents The Golem Drones, Reception August 3rd, 2013
6-9pm at Gallery 300, 300 South A Street in Santa Rosa
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Wunderkammer! Race day is approaching, get your tickets today.
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 with love, from Gate, Perimeter and Exodus:


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