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Hello North Bay Burners,

It’s happening! We are coming down the home stretch now. Less than a month until the Man burns. Boom. Time to pack all the things.

There is some news on the Gate opening time, BMIR is getting ready to broadcast updates just for your drive time pleasure, the Survival Guide is live. Do yourself a favor and read it, know all the new stuff like ice has moved back a few streets to the new plaza. Always something new, keep up, will ya?

We have an on playa dance party for you, a meteor shower black out plan, bring a silver sharpie – spread the word! Crazy Bernie has your ticket, a job opening with a burner owned Bay Area business for you med heads, and the Colorado Guild wants you!

This is your Burn. It will have you either way, so prepare everything, bring it all and then realize you’ll still need each other because that’s just the way it is in the desert. So meet your neighbots, be a good cit’zen and take care of your own needs while sharing your extra with the city.

and Gifting! remember gifting? it’s a thing. Give out random stuff to people you don’t know. Good stuff. Like lip balm and stickers and light your bike and watch out for each other. Drink!

ok, see you in the dust ya’ll. Next year was so better!

xoxo RLL

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

The survival guide is out and ready for you to peruse at will. Read it. Know it. Live it!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Subject: #BlackOutBlackRock #BlinkiesAreDumb #DoYouEvenLightPollutionBro?

Hey y’all!

So some friends and I have been hatching up a sort of silly but also potentially awesome idea.

We’re calling it #BlackOutBlackRock and it’s a simple enough concept:

On Wednesday night of the event at 2300 we are asking the city to turn off her lights for an hour, of course we don’t expect 100% participation (I personally will be happy with 20%) and understand that there are some areas that absolutely have to be lit.

Maybe total darkness at 2330? It seems plausible enough.

We can build a city in some weeks, so we can probably black it out for 60 minutes without too much effort. It just takes a little bit of coordination.

If you have never been to the Black Rock Desert when there wasn’t a ginourmous event you’ve probably never had the chance to see the night sky here. The Milky Way in Gerlach right now is a veritable Amazon River. It’s breathtaking to behold and we want to share this experience with as many of the folks who make the pilgrimage to this hibernating lake bed (just add water!) as possible.

If you are into this idea, want to participate, think it’s dumb, or have other things you want to contribute etc., let us know! There’s a little organizing fb group page and of course the event page itself.


Spread the word! Let’s stare at stars together, it’ll be v romantic and stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

BMIR is starting their broadcasts/webcasts the Wednesday before the event opens, including traffic reports! This is excellent news.

Imagine being in Reno at Midnight, thinking it’s maybe the perfect time to drive right in. But then you hear on the BMIR webcast that the line is backed up ten hours. This is actually the perfect time to stay the night where you are.

Gate times are available well outside the gates of Burning Man. You can find BMIR here or there is an ap for that.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Want your tribute on the Temple to look super cool? Bring a silver sharpie! The Temple is going to have a sweet dark patina this year. So silver will show up hella good on the dark colored wood. Just sayin…

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Looking for a Burning Man Ticket: Well Crazy Bernie is getting back in the game for 2016! This year he has 1 FREE Burning Man to give away! Check out the rules and enter at

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Job Opportunity: 
Mutual Aid Response Services (a Burner owned business) is currently recruiting EMTs, Paramedics and Nurses to work events and festivals throughout California.
MARS was born out of supporting Burning Man community events and maintains a community mindset regardless if we are doing a community campout or arena concerts.

Ideal candidates will have a positive Burner community mindset and at least one year of experience working on an ambulance or in a clinical environment. We have a good time working together and you get to experience some fun events! Our next big show we are recruiting for is for Super City Summer Fest on August 19th at the Oakland Coliseum.

Visit to learn more about us and fill out the contact form to start the recruitment process or if you have any questions.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Greetings Burnerverse!

We are a team of folks bringing a new granted art project for Burning Man 2016!! This year the theme is DaVinci’s Workshop and we have been asked to create guilds that will circle the Man with artists, makers, tinkerers, and craftspeople to operate workshops for the delight and edification of the citizens of Black Rock City. Colorado pitched “The Guild of Mile Higher Knowledge” and was accepted! This year’s project is *4* times the size of the project we brought last year so we need your help!!   There are a couple of reasons that we are reaching out.

First!  We need financial support!  Please check out our campaign and consider giving your support!!  We have some lovely reward for folks who donate!

Second! Are you headed out to the burn this year and think that gifting a workshop (or three or five…) in the Man pavilion would be a blast?  Join the Colorado Regional Project, “The Guild of Mile Higher Knowledge” on playa as we present a twist on a maker space with present day and Renaissance era workshops! Sign up to teach a workshop here:

WHO: We are the Guild of Mile Higher Knowledge. You are the teachers and workshops leaders, the artists, makers, tinkerers, and craftspeople!

WHAT: We are providing the workshop space, but we’re relying on the teachers to gift their knowledge and skills. The workshop space features tables and seats for up to 10 students, with an enclosure to keep MOOP at a minimum. It’s a themed space! We have two workshop areas: a present day styled space where teachers can impart present day knowledge (like making hula hoops or anything modern) and a Renaissance-era space for skills from history (like chain-mail, candle making, leather work, etc. ). The super cool part is that between the two workshop spaces we’ll have a “time portal”—a themed space with an interactive clue process that you will have to solve to get the past to “open up” for you.

WHEN: ON PLAYA! 11am to 9 pm Sunday August 28th through Friday September 2nd.  Please give us a rough time of when you would like to teach and we will do our best to accommodate you.

WHERE: In our Guild space at The base of the Man. (Booth A2.)  We’ll send you a map after you sign up.

WHY: To impart wisdom and skills to your fellow burners!

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can email us at coburners (at) gmail (dot) com

Please remember IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU SHOW UP AND TEACH YOUR WORKSHOP. Our project can’t happen without some knowledgeable folks to keep the wisdom flowing, so please, ask yourself very carefully if you can actually commit to this before you sign up.

To see pictures, updates and more information, check us out on Facebook.

Thank you so much for your time!  See you in the dust!

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

From the Jackrabbit:

In a move designed to alleviate the crush of traffic on Gate Road at the start of the event, Burning Man and the Bureau of Land Management have agreed to begin allowing vehicles to enter Black Rock City at 12:01 am Sunday, August 28.

The official start of the event is still 6 pm Sunday. We’re asking everyone to use the extra time to focus on getting your camp set up, and to refrain from getting your freak on until the official start Sunday evening.

)’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(  )’(

Our annual North Bay Burners on playa get together is a go!

North Bay Burners present a Camp-o-line joint:

A Purple Space Oddity Party!

This dance party in tribute to Prince and Bowie is a celebration of androgyny, gender bending and all nonbinary expressions of self. Come in your finest Purple, your wildest sexy outer space creations, as the opposite gender, or any form of gender blender in between. Celebrate the mavericks, innovators and ground breakers who showed us the sparkly way to shine.

We will be jamming a mix of the best tunes by David Bowie and his Purpleness as well. Costume Parade! Show us what you got, bust a move, and shake it all around. See you there!

Wednesday, August 31st at dark-thirty
8:30 & Cosimo
Black Rock City

)’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’(

::: Reminder ::: Have stuff you want included? Please answer this questionnaire: It will be considered for the next monthly announce newsletter which comes out around the first of the month. The North Bay Burners Facebook group at and our discussion list at!forum/northbay-list are largely unmoderated. Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop? Got an idea for a sewing party? Feel like having some burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite us over! ::: Reminder :::

Turning Man illustration by Andrew Johnstone

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