Behind the Scenes

In case you didn’t know who was behind all the images we have been tossing around, meet Bill. Bill Wunderlich is a graphics designer who, like David Long the stained glass artist, has donated his time, materials, skills and efforts to our north bay lighthouse project. All of the artists involved have gifted their talents to the Twisted Upright House, making it possible for us to create it within the budget gifted to us by you. The love Woodlabs put into that piece is tangible, every square inch of your regional effigy has been studded, routed, worked, stained, adjusted and minutely inspected by professionals spending their spare time making art for us. The result is priceless.

Bill gifted us the video we used for the kickstarter campaign, as well as all of the logos and artwork you have been seeing for the Twisted Upright House. The t-shirt back artwork is also based on his graphic design, with a bit of tweaking courtesy of Playa Pete. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the flame effect the t-shirt artist down at Double K Designs threw on there when he was screening that…right? Nicely done. Ok, where was I? Oh yes, so the stickers, the patches, all of that stuff Bill did for us. Plus he has been documenting the process from start to finish, and will continue to do so during the on playa build.

The t-shirt front artwork you see above modeled by our very own Bill Wun is based on the CORE logo from last year, I don’t know who did it originally.  Playa Pete tweaked it for our shirts, and again, that flame effect is courtesy of one of his shop mates.  Can’t remember his name right now…but if you see someone on playa wearing a North Bay CORE shirt that has imprints all over it instead of just once, that’s him.  So go say hi.

I am sure I’m forgetting someone, and if I do I know you all will keep me honest.  Oh, and watch this space for some posts from up north courtesy of Madame MorTisha.  We have been recruiting foreign correspondents so if you hanker to let us know what is going on up around in your neck of the woods give a holler and we will set you up with a login so you can keep us abreast of your various activities!  Until next time, your ever so intrepid RLL

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