CORE design – Placentree


A womb cradled in a tree, suspended above the playa Contrasts of openness and texture are explored: the tree form will be clad in a rough driftwood skin, and the womb sheathed with a smooth skin of thin veneer wood. The womb is closed, with only a few openings, while the tree is very open. Hemp rope will tie the plywood of the womb together, creating more ways for people to climb the sculpture.


People will be able to climb inside the womb vis a ladder and ropes hanging from the interior. Once inside, they will experience the changing light through  small portals and openings that will open and close throughout the day. They can climb through the oculus at top of the womb and swing down on a rope. Or they can exit the womb on a slide: at night, the ride down the slide will occur through a cascade of light flowing from the oculus.


There will be ample opportunities for people to contribute artistically to this piece: wooden disks at the base of the ropes hanging from the womb can be  designed and constructed separate from the main structure. Also, the driftwood skin on the tree can contain carved or formed wood pieces contributed by anyone who would like to be involved this way.


When this sculpture burns, the hemp rope will give way and allow the veneer wood to spring open and explode. Layers will be burned away, revealing the form of the armature. At the end of the burn, a seed  will be left that no one had yet seen. We envision this seed form made of metal, glowing red hot in the embers, waiting in the ashes once all else has been burned away.


Janelle Black
Paolo Pedrinazzi

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