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Hey! I hope this finds you well and happily celebrating the season of celebration. I also hope that if you’re in the Santa Rosa area this weekend you’ll come to our Snarky Arts Ice Cream Social at the Burlesque and Bacon benefit. Say that… well, just say it.  Hopefully someone you like will hear it and you can go together!

Snarky Arts is our very own doing business as…that’s right I started a sole proprietorship in your honor North Bay! and we are going to be there at the social talking about what we want to do in the next few months. Awesomely undergroundy, very hush hush like a speakeasy, guerrilla art-fare my friends, and you are invited. We’ll have the cones and the creamy goodness, you bring the toppings (and a cup and spoon if you want one. we won’t have those : D but we’re happy to fill them, and you, up til its all gone!) and we’ll chat it up until the event starts at six.

Want to volunteer?  Please do!  We can use servers and people to help out with the event too.  Come early and help set up, or stay late and help clean up.  If you want you can email us at northbay (at) burningman (dot) com and we’ll get you connected.

Then Chimera Art Space is going to be having a really fun fundraiser in the very self same location, they are in fact hosting us, and you simply must stay for that, or come back as you wish, but seriously folks this one is going to be a real humdinger. Do you remember Pork and Porn? Well this shindig is being cooked up by the self same salacious no nonsense young lady as that … yes, the notorious Bangkok Buse as we like to call her will be in command of the proceedings and oh my, are you in for some fun.

All of this will be happening at the Arlene Francis Center in downtown Santa Rosa located at 99 6th Street. Have you seen it yet?  It’s in the historic Railroad Square area, very cute. All exposed brick and huge, they are a new venue focused on spirit, art and politics. Please do join us, and find out more about the new hacker space they are planning.

Chimera Arts is establishing a shared industrial and fine arts warehouse space in the Railroad Square area. They are raising money to finish filing for their nonprofit, and secure the first few months at their cool new digs. You’ll be able to learn how to use all the neat stuff they are going to have there like a dark room, a kiln, welding gear and all kinds of metal and woodworking tools, as well as space for painters, sculptors, printmakers, ceramicists, doodlers, sketchers and all manner of artsy crafters all under one set of rafters. I for one am very excited to see this happening in our neck of the woods – our very own American Steele, NIMBY, Crucible, Shipyard-ish (dang, Shipyard is gone.  Maybe they are All Power Labs now?  not sure) shared warehouse right here in Sonoma County. yay~! they’re going to do events and have members and give classes and have private areas you can lock your stuff up in and huge areas you can build, oh, I don’t know…playa art and mutant vehicles in? Hells yeah!

Anywho, these are some great folks, and I’d love to have you all come out and meet them. So if you’re around stop by and say hi to Dana from Chimera and Rebecca who’s doing the party and Mike with his crazy bike – go – round. Velodrome? I think I’ve said I will ride it. Although I allowed as if I may not be, I will tell you I’m a tad bit intimidated by same. But I will do my best to ride with the rest of them nonetheless. What’s that thing they say? It’s not that I’m not scared to death, it’s just that I’m going to do it anyways because I’ve decided trying something new is more important. So there you go. Try something new North Bay! and report back here. cuz we just nosy like that LOL

love you guys…oh, and one more thing. I did get a post request…and here forthwith ’tis:

MEETING Wed 12-05-12
7pm – 9:30pm
Burning Man HQ – 15th Floor
995 Market St. at 6th St. SF

Please RSVP to SEvolunteers (at ) burningman (dot) com if you plan to attend.

HAT: Wear your favorite Thinking Cap as we ponder and plan the year ahead!

Once again we are trying to get ready for the coming year and meet in December instead of January. You can join the team for one
upcoming event or the whole year. You are also welcome to our monthly meetings to check things out at any point in the year. But if you’d like to get a head start and give feedback on last year’s events, offer input about events for 2013, or suggest a free workshop you might like to lead, come on by!

Put on your thinking cap and attend this annual Open Call for Participation meeting. Everyone who is interested in helping create our community events as part of a collaborative team is welcome. You can join the team for one upcoming event or the whole year. Our goal is to allow anyone who wants to be involved to find a place to participate, learn, play and do great things!


1. Welcome and Mission of Special Events Team (7:00-7:15)

2. Team Lead Intros – What they do (7:15-7:25 min)

3) Brief Intros – name + what you do or think you might want to help with (7:25-7:55)

4) 2013 Events Schedule based upon last year’s input (7:55-8:10)

5) Roles we are seeking help with – all year and by event (8:10-8:25)

6) Open discussion/feedback and new event ideas for 2013 and 2014 (8:25-8:40)

…Followed by time to sign up for possible roles + mixer until 9:30

I know, I know, I’m telling you at the last minute agin. Sorry ya’ll. got busy. Next time I tell you sooner. promise! : D

so have a fun winter holiday season and I will talk to you again before the new year. or after if there’s nothing good to report! until then, be good to each other, stay warm and keep the home fires burning. loving…

RLL your dTd

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