DisOrient the Bay Bridge

I was wondering what was up with this project.  Leo Villareal from DisOrient is working on an amazing project to rig the Bay Bridge with sequential LED’s.  I love all things DisOrient, but this is just uber fabulous, even for them.

Check out this update on the Burning Blog about the Bay Lights.  Very exciting stuff, I can’t wait!

Update: Leo Villareal Lighting Up the Bay Bridge
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A ways back, we let you know about an exciting project by artist Leo Villarealcalled “The Bay Lights” — a monumental light art sculpture proposed for the San Francisco Bay Bridge celebrating its 75th Diamond Anniversary.

The plan is for Leo and his team to secure arrays of 25,000 energy-efficient white LED lights to the vertical cables of the west span of the bridge, and create elaborate computer-controlled light animations to delight visitors and locals alike for two years. It’s going to be pretty amazing.

I’ll say. Doesn’t get a lot more exciting than that! If that doesn’t spice up your commute then I don’t know what all. I hope they get funded because that I’ve got to see.

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