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Dear North Bay,

So much going on right now, a very exciting time for the Longlanks. As you know I started a little business at the end of the year to use as a production company for our local shenanigans. Now I am happily reporting myself hot on the heels of a very cool project, and you are invited.

For some of you this may be old news, but the Scrap Art project we’ve been working on since our very first Salon is coming to fruition. We are very excited about the idea of having our very own scrap art depot and creative reuse center right here in Sonoma County. I took a field trip down to SF to meet with Anne Marie who started SF Scrap in 1976 and she had some great suggestions and also connected me with other local folks wanting to do the same thing. We are having a meeting in Santa Rosa on 2/5 to talk about who wants to volunteer doing what, and how it’s all going to shake down.

Come get involved! Bring your friends. Shelves will be built, exciting items will be upcycled into fascinating sample projects, land will be scaped, and all manner of good down home recycling and art making will be on tap once we get this puppy up and running. We’ll need folks to go around to local businesses and find out what they are throwing away that we could use to make stuff. We’ll need folks to mind the store, folks to give and take workshops and lots of people to help with the sorting, organizing and display of our artful trash. So if volunteering at a fun crafty store that helps divert materials from the waste stream sounds like your dream come on down for some trash talk on the 5th.

Until then, be good to each other, stay warm and make something!  xoxo RLL

February 2013
Scrap Art meeting in Railroad Square, downtown Santa Rosa on February 5th at 6:30pm. Email kelly (dot) walton (at) gmail (dot) com with your interest and we’ll shoot you an invite! upcyclingly yours, RLL

March 2013

Burning Man presents…BURNAL EQUINOX 2013 art salon and mixer!

Saturday, March 2rd!
7pm to 3am
@ Public Works
161 Erie Street, SF, CA 94103 (between Division & 14th St. in the Mission)
21+ over

Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Unexpectables * You!

Burning Man is thrilled to put out the call to YOU to participate in creating Burnal Equinox 2013 salon!

Burnal Equinox is our first community creative salon and mixer of the year and we look forward to your participation! So, ramp up your Radical Self-Expression and join a wide variety of performers, artist, theme camps and friends at this creative salon to encourage arts collaboration in the Bay Area and mark the mid-point in our burning year!

Artists, performers of all kinds, DJs, and interactive theme camps interested in using this event to meet other imaginative people, share your artistry, or find creative collaborators for your projects, email: flambelounge (at) burningman (dot) com now!

OUR BURNAL EQUINOX THEME: will relate to technology as salvation, so if you have art and performances that are technology-oriented, we especially welcome your participation. More to come soon about this theme, but we will be encouraging you to bring your own technology from the future or one from the past that will lead to the salvation of the human race! …but if we can’t save the day, we’ll at least make a night of it!

We have some wall space for 2-D plans. No room for adding more sound systems or fire at this venue, but you are welcome to present art plans of all kinds and to create altars to technology—past, present and future.

Whether you decide to come as a GIZMOpolitan, a GADJETarian, a Technopheliac…or skip all the BITS and BYTES and come as you truly are—we look forward to seeing you! …and creating a most unusual immersive experience WITH you!

More info and schedules will be posted at: http://www.burningman.com/special_events

Regyna Longlank
                LEAVE NO TRACE

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