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Hello there North Bay!

Well it is on. Jeremy done good, he found us a place for a three day campout! W00t to the woo hoo and ring a ding dinghy, here we come Artisanry! May 2-4 in the Willits area of Mendocino County. So contact us at northbay (at) burningman (dot) com to get involved. Participate. And generally build things and set them on fire! To music! While drinking, perhaps adult beverages, or a nice fresh fruit smoothie on a long walk with your arm around a cutie. Because let’s face it, that’s just how we roll.

Take it from a dry drunk and a faithful tramp, changing stripes don’t fall too far from the little dog learning new tricks in the closet under the old apple tree with anyone else but me! Not through this wardrobe. Try next door. Did I say that out loud? Get in on CORE or whatever we end up building. Something will be built and then set on fire, mark my words. wanna play? get in it!

And go check out KJ Paul! He let me drunk karaoke at juplaya once, so I am a forever fan. Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling? hells yes!

Xoxo RLL

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Folly Feast #5

7pm Sat, Feb 1-Sun Feb 2

Silver Queen, Virginia City, NV

18 and over

$100-$150 to cover costs

From the folks that bring you The Hammock Hangout on the Playa, here is a crazy all night party that will be held at the Silver Queen in Virginia City, Nevada, on February 1, 2014. This is a very elaborate and extravagant all night party with thirty one worlds to explore.

What’s Included:       http://dukedutchy.com/#whatyouget
Who is Performing:   http://dukedutchy.com/lineup.html
Tickets:                   http://dukedutchy.com/fffff5_tickets.html
Directions:               http://dukedutchy.com/directions.html
The Facebook event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/438145036286173/

What is the Folly Feast?

The Folly Feast can be an all night affair or a three day escape from reality, depending on how you want to take advantage of it. It is a costume ball, a feast, an all night party, 28 mini themed parties, a show that runs from 7pm until well after the sun rises and then its a slumber party.

Originally called the Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling, there is a lot going on at this party! For as little as $100 you will get a full three days of some of the craziest fun you have ever experienced without getting dusty. There are 28 hotel rooms, a saloon, a parlor and a wedding chapel, each containing its own little world, which are referred to as Folly. You can think of them as mini theme camps. Some of the rooms will have amazing performers in them, such as Carletta Sue Kay, Sparkbox, Mark Growden, Freddi Price, Subgenius style short term weddings, others with activities like karaoke, several minibars, an Irish Coffee House, Musical Sing-A-Long, a costume rack and still others with interactive art projects like Spy’s Big Baby room. If you are inspired, there are a few rooms left so come up with your own idea and make it happen.

This event includes it all, even food and some booze. You can even BYOB. If you are in San Francisco, you can get on the Applause Bus, which leaves Friday night and returns on Sunday. We will have the hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, so feel free to bring a festive nightgown, fantastic robe or extravagant lingerie for a slumber party!

This really is a crazy fun experience. Many of the performers have played large venues such as the Great American Music Hall and tour Internationally and you will be able to see them perform in a tiny hotel room. Here are some videos of a few of the various performers. http://dukedutchy.com/lineup.html#videos

You would probably spend more just going out for dinner and drinks in your town… so come experience the Folly Feast #5 on FebruaryFirst, 2014!

Details and tickets can be found at: http://FollyFeast.com.

I heretofore shall account myself highly honored, and await with the greatest anticipation the welcome arrival of you and yours; I shall celebrate your revered presence, fair Fortune’s gift, at this Fling of Flings. May you Feast, Folly and Flirt to your heart’s content.

With the utmost highest of regards,

His Grace
The Duke Dutchy

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Salon this month is on Saturday, February 15th at Fred’s place in Santa Rosa. 7pm – 10pm at 732 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosaoxomoxoa


bring your own, roll em if you got em, and see you there!

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Chimera has opened up membership for mini-makers. check it out here


They need your help to get to a better place. Wanna play? Hit em up!

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2014 Burnal Equinox
Save the Date Announcement

Sacramento Valley Spark and the 2014 Burnal Equinox Committee are very excited to present Burnal Equinox 4.  This Fourth Annual Burnal Equinox will be a celebration halfway between Burning Man events on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Burnal Equinox 4 is a gathering of self-expression and creativity inspired by the Burning Man event, complete with art, fire performers, music, art cars, bands, costumes, and fabulous theme camps. This year’s event will be at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley and provides us with a whole lot of room for our artistic burner expression.

BE4 will feature live music, DJ’s and performance art. Bring yourself, bring your friends and turn some new people on to the generous love that is the Gold Country community.  This annual event begins at 3:00 p.m. Saturday and continues until 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning.  Indoors music will go to 3:00 a.m. and outdoors music until 11:00 p.m.  The fairgrounds and facilities are fully ADA compliant.  Ticket availability, camping, theme camps and more details will be announced very soon via regional announcements, the event Facebook page and the BE4 event details page on SacValleySpark.org.

If you are interested in contributing, volunteering, performing or have questions – please email us at   be4info@sacvalleyspark.org

Here are some websites with more information on the event:



For camping reservations please visit:  http://nevadacountyfair.com/rv-camping/

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Save the Date! the weekend of May 2nd, campout near Willits. Artisanry is a go! contact Jeremy at northbay (at) burningman (dot) com to find out how you can be a part of the art. and fire. and music and stuff. May 2-4 in Mendocino County. w00t!

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check out the art theme for this year!


and the subtheme – carpool!


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Bringing art to the 2014 Burn? Please note the deadline for art grants is February 15th at 11:59 am PST.


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Biochar Conservation Burn Workshop and Training with Peter Hirst

Friday February 14th at 8am-noon, Shone Farm
7450 Steve Olson Lane near Forestville.

Friends of Biochar- If you have ever burned a pile of brush, sticks, and wood on your land, or helped someone else do it, then this workshop is for you. We show you how to burn the material you need to clear cleanly, and make biochar to improve your soil in the bargain. You “get rid” of your in-the-way biomass by upcycling it into your agricultural or land management systems, making things better for everyone. Your soil is improved and the rest of us get a little less carbon in the atmosphere. If you are looking at this from outside the hands-on farm, a cleaner open burn methodology can reduce emissions, improving air quality, while capturing a significant portion of the original carbon for near-permanent sequestration. If you are a policy maker, here is one climate-response trick to have up your sleeve, so get this squarely on your radar. Check it out and see why.

Workshop fee $20

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Anna is a fourth year Burner and excited to join the North Bay Burner community. She is a dance artist living in San Francisco and is producing a multi-media dance concert titled, Man(u)fractured. She has been developing and evolving her dance concepts for the past ten years and would love to her upcoming project with you!

Man(u)fractured is a multi-media dance performance featuring San Francisco’s fierce robot girls, Anna and The Annadroids. This conceptually driven production takes a twisted look at modern day issues through innovative choreography, surreal video environments, and a powerful musical score that will inspire a new sense of self preservation.

February 7-9th, 2014
ODC, 351 Shotwell Street  San Francisco, CA 94110
February 7th and 8th at 8 pm, and the 9th at 7 pm
$20 students/dancers group members/and Burners
$25 general admission
$38 Annadroid Supporters (includes a signed photograph of the company)
tickets: http://www.odcdance.org/performance.php?param=178
website: www.annadroids.com

This production is supported by the Fleishhacker Foundation and Theater Bay Area’s CA$H Grants Program.

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