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Dear North Bay Burners,

Well, I got some sad news the other day. Oasis Village was unable to get the necessary permits from the city, and are not going to be able to remain open. I had high hopes for their success, and I know they had a lot of support from the community. It is so unfortunate that the red tape killed this awesome project. We had hoped that it might open the door to more grassroots options as a response to lack of housing. To the folks waiting for a rundown of how they got it done so you could follow suit, I am sorry to say in this case good intentions did not carry the day. It can’t be from lack of trying, if anyone could have pulled that off this would have been the crew to do it.

In other news, we have our shopping cart race coming up in a month! Build all the carts! Make all the costumes! Gather all the food donations!!! There is also a sweet comic, a bowling event, some news on the Temple, an invite to join BWB, and info on a cool podcast. Read on, and see you soon.

xoxo RLL

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Cotatitarod Registration is Open!

We want you! to get involved. Get in where you fit in, and celebrate the concentric hexagons of Cotati in our second annual shopping cart race on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 in La Plaza Park in the Cotati hub. Not for the faint of heart, this ain’t yo mamma’s charity event. When is a culture jam, chaos generator, and foot race a way to feed hungry people in need? When it’s the Cotatitarod of course!

You and four friends pony up your $50 team registration fee and donate at least 60 lbs of food to the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Then you bask in the feeling of helping to replenish food supplies after the fires, while racing around in fabulous costumes pushing your decorated shopping cart around town. People will marvel at the themed creations as you forever change the perception of what a shopping cart is for – all the while spreading silly in your pursuit of checkpoint proof that you’ve run the race. This is a 21 and over event, but drinking is not required. Visit some legendary Cotati landmarks, answer historical trivia questions, and perform stupid human tricks to win prizes and glory!

Register your team for the shopping cart race here http://goo.gl/forms/iDnyglxswf8E0IeJ3

Sign up to Volunteer! http://goo.gl/forms/mmUFjQQqAa3eJtSw1

Adopt a Checkpoint! We invite your theme camp to take over one of our checkpoints for the day. Greet racers as they arrive! Help the checkpoint judges put the racers through their paces to earn their passport stickers. We need you and your crew to bring the snark and surl like only you can.

We still have space for Vendors http://goo.gl/forms/510gZswL9imWidV42 so bring your clothing line, your hand-made goods, or your crafts to sell in the park the day of the race. No charge for nonprofits who want to table at the event.

The Second Annual Cotatitarod is your time to shine. Meet local Burners! Spread the Culture! It’s a fun day in the park and a great way to give back. Whether you race, volunteer, or come to witness the mayhem it will be a day to remember.



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A first time Burner from France did this really cool comic about her newbie year at Burning Man. If you haven’t seen this awesome graphic representation from Legume you must. She captures all the feels, and really gets it right in this lovely comic.

Dried vegetable at Burning Man

So sweet, all the yes. You can find Legume here:


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Burning Lebowski
Stiff Starfish says come to the 3rd Annual Burning Lebowski at the Windsor Bowl on Sunday, February 18th at 7pm in Windsor. Tickets are $50 on Eventbrite

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2018 Temple Announced: Galaxia
Burning Man Arts is thrilled to announce that we have selected the 2018 Temple: Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani! Read the full Burning Man blog post here: https://journal.burningman.org/2017/12/burning-man-arts/brc-art/galaxia-the-2018-temple/

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Burners Without Borders- Get Involved!
Stay up to date with BWB projects and initiatives through their newsletter: http://www.burnerswithoutborders.org/joinus and connect to the BWB Volunteers Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/volunteersBWB/

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Burning Man Podcast: Accuracy Third
Did you know Burning Man has a podcast? That’s right! Accuracy Third is the name of the game and they’re back with a third season of thrilling tales from our beloved Black Rock City. See the introduction post on Burning Man Journal here: http://journal.burningman.org/2018/01/black-rock-city/tales-from-the-playa/accuracy-third-podcast-season-3-episodes-1-and-2/ and check out more episodes from the first two seasons here: http://journal.burningman.org/tag/accuracy-third/.  Happy listening!

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