Ignite a n00b

Bring your playa virgins to our annual newbie orientation event this Thursday out in Sebastopol. We are meeting up at Funk & Flash to enculturate, elucidate, and generally shake some dust on our new Burners before they head out to Black Rock City. Come help us give them what for, or get some for what, either way we’d love to see your shiny face and Jared is offering a discount to all attendees, burgins get even more off! Because that’s just how we roll : D

Bring a chair and see you there

xoxo RLL

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Our annual Newbie Event is on!
IGNITE a n00b
Thursday July 14
7pm – 9pm
at Funk & Flash
228 S. Main St. Sebastopol, CA 95472

Bring your n00bs to Jared’s place to find out more about how to do the what, where to how, and what to bring with you on your very first burn. Or come tell ‘em how it’s done! We will watch a slide show and then hang out and chat about tips and tricks. Bring your questions and find out what we know, if we don’t know we’ll show you where to find out! Get yer pack list here, everyone welcome, it’s always a fun time. If you have a folding chair please bring a few, it’s always nice to have chairs to spare. See you there!

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