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Happy New Year North Bay!

Complete Burning Man 2013 ticket information will be posted on January 4th.  I didn’t manage to send you the info about registering for the holiday sale so hopefully everyone who wanted one knew about that already : D  what with the holidays and all it slipped my radar.  but you are already subscribed to the jackrabbit, so you get all that vital informations anyways.  right?  of course you do.  on to the good stuff…

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from Community Foundation – get your art grant on! The Creative Work Fund is an excellent source of grant funding for Bay Area artists and arts organizations.  Please pass along this information to anyone you believe might be interested in applying. It would be wonderful to see a greater share of this valuable resource supporting our community collaborations.  Warmly,  Karin Demarest

The Creative Work Fund is a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund that is supported by generous grants from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation. For further information, or to see examples of previously funded projects, visit http://www.creativeworkfund.org

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Volunteer for Burning Man this year?  You’re in good company : D  Call for Burning Man Volunteer Feedback!

Did you volunteer for Burning Man in 2012 or have you in years past? Did you help a Burning Man team, a theme camp, or an art project? WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE!

Please fill out this Volunteer Feedback Survey and tell us how you rocked it in 2012!

It’s easy and quick. And, it will help us learn more about how you experience civic participation at Burning Man.
And, if you filled out one of these last year, we would love to hear from you again. The survey is designed to capture your feedback every year. WE LOVED YOUR FEEDBACK LAST YEAR, WE’LL LOVE IT EVEN MORE THIS YEAR!

The survey opens on December 10th and will close at midnight, on January 10th, 2013.  Thank you for participating!  Termeh

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From BMHQ: Call for Workshop/Speaker Series Topics & Leaders

The Burning Man Project is scheduling a series of free workshops and talks in 2013, designed to gift knowledge and skills on a peer-to-peer basis. You don’t have to be an experienced teacher: we’re looking for people from all walks of life to pass along knowledge and expertise on a non-commercial basis.

If you like teaching people a new skill, leading a discussion and bringing the ethos and principles of Burning Man to everyday life year-round, then please suggest a topic you would be interested in. Preferable topics are those that relate to the Burning Man ethos and Ten Principles in a year-round-context, rather than subjects that relate only to the playa.

We’re looking for workshop and speaker topics that don’t require participants to spend money on tools or supplies in order to participate. The ideal combination is a subject that gets people thinking and is hands-on, though the most important aspect is that it not be limited to what happens only in Black Rock City. Think expansively about your subject,
e.g., instead of a discussion on Gifting at Burning Man, better would be a workshop on How to Form a Gift Circle year-round.

Workshops and talks typically run about 1.5 to 2 hours and can be hosted on weekend days or weeknights. Most workshops will be hosted at our downtown headquarters at 995 Market St (but can be hosted off-site depending on the nature of the workshop). We are booking workshops/talks every month in 2013, so think ahead and suggest an idea – we’d love to hear from you now!

Please send your proposals to: workshops (at) burningmanproject (dot) org

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From the regionals list some inspiration.  and:

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and ps if you want to ride the short bus from Santa Rosa to SF to see Baby Seal Club open up for Snail Trail at the Rockit Room in SF on the 18th hit me up off list, we are arranging!

until next time, loving…RLL your dTd

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