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Happy default New Years North Bay Burners!

Yes, I’ve been remiss in my missive, but we have great things afoot. Excited to share our latest news. The Cotati shopping cart race is back!

Welcome to all our new members! You can find more information about the many social media groups and pages for our region on our Burning Man regional page.

That’s all for now, send me what you’ve got for next month by filling out the questionnaire.  Until next time,

xoxo RLL

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Cotatitarod 2018 is Saturday, March 3rd in Cotati

The Second Annual Cotatitarod is deep in the planning stages. Now that we have City Council approval we are really rolling. You are all invited to participate.

Part service project, part community gathering, part athletic event, and all fun this shopping cart race modeled after the CHIditarod is a food drive pub crawl where teams compete in a costumed foot race. Decorated shopping carts act as the sleds pulled by human dawgs and a musher.

Each team of five creates a theme for their cart and costumes. It could be a ship with pirates, a race car and pit crew, or a rock outcropping and mermaids – some elaborate, some whimsical – whatever you imagine you can create. The team donates 60lbs of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank, and then runs the race.

With five checkpoints in and around Downtown Cotati teams of racers collect proof that they hit each spot. The 8 Ball, Spancky’s, Tradewinds, Jaded Toad and Flagship Taproom are the checkpoints for 2018.

Be a Bike Marshall and ride around making sure racers stay on course! Adopt a checkpoint and create a mini theme camp with your friends! Many ways to participate, all of them a memorable way to spend the day.

Want to be a part of making it happen? Come out to the organizers meeting next Thursday at Frog Song, 7pm in the Common House.

There will be sign making parties where you can ply your skills of an artist to direct and inform. If you would like to set up a booth and do vending we have space in the park for you! This is a great opportunity to gather and share our culture.

Want to recruit new members for your theme camp? Set up a booth and let everyone know what you do on playa. We would love to have booths for BWB and other Burner organizations doing outreach in the park. This event happens on March 3rd so it’s one of your first events of the season. Get an early start!

Join our Facebook page to get all the updates. Want to run the race? Start decorating your shopping cart now! Traditional size cart, standard caster wheels is what you want to qualify for the speed award. Heavily modified carts may qualify for the Art Cart category.

It would be great to see a bunch of North Bay Burners teams out there, and a presence in each checkpoint location. Get involved and help gather food for the hungry in our area. Read about last year’s event here, and here.

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European Leadership Summit Announced

This year’s European Leadership Summit (or ELS) will take place from April 5-8, 2018 in Nantes, France. The convening will be held at Les Machines, check out the full blog from Megs Rutigliano, Burning Man’s Associate Director of the Regional Network, here.

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Burning Man’s 2016 Financial Information

If you’re curious what it costs to build a temporary city in the desert, check out the recently published blog post on Burning Man’s 2016 finances, or download the full 990 Public Document.

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