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Dear North Bay Burners,

It is heating up as we move into the full swing playa prep time that is summer. With 52 days left until the gate opens I know you’re out there building all the things. If you’re like me you’ve already got piles of gear beginning to form. Costume inspiration is hitting, sewing projects are taking form. I’m finally going to finish that massive bear of a playa faux fur coat I made and light the thing. No really!

I’ve signed up for my volunteer shifts, I’m trained and ready to mediate the living daylights out
of any situation the dust can provide. I’ve picked my camp, and am making all the plans the playa will playfully obliterate upon arrival. What I don’t have is something to camp in. Know anyone with a little trailer or RV they aren’t bringing out? Send ’em my way! I will happily take it for a dust up.

Sure, the pictures of trucks mired in the knee deep squishy mud from recent trips to the Black Rock Desert are still filling my feed. I’m cool with that though, because I know the Project has a back up plan for their contingency plans, and the hearty souls of DPW are already out there working on our fair city. The Man will burn. And I will, like always, find a new way to watch it fall to ashes, marking the start of a new year.

This month our get together is a meet and greet at Chris and Jody’s place on Humboldt Street in Santa Rosa. Then we’ll be hitting their confessional bar for our annual on-playa meetup. Read on for all of that and so much more.

See you out there Burners!

xoxo RLL

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From the keep Burning Man dangerous camp and Read the Back of your Ticket village we have:

For the love of fire bring a First Aid Kit!

Info on preparation – Event FAQs

A bunch of videos about Playa Preparation

Is this someone’s first Burn? Point them to our First-Timer’s Guide

Read the Survival Guide!

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Call for Participation Art & Performance at Everywhere/Artery!

Greetings Burners around the World! We’re calling on you to artfully activate the Everywhere/Artery Pavilion with the inaugural year of Everywhere/Artery Pavilion’s Gallery and Cabaret!

What is the Everywhere/Artery Pavilion?

Operated by Burning Man Project, the Pavilion is a hub showcasing projects and initiatives sparked by the 10 Principles. We are seeking art and performance drawn from the Burning Man Global Network to inspire and illustrate how Burning Man is a year-round and global cultural movement. You can visit the Pavilion on 6:15 and Esplanade.

Two Ways to Participate…

Visual Installation Artists: Everywhere/Artery Gallery

We are seeking small installations and visual art, 3D or 2D, which can either be free-standing on pedestals, displayed on columns throughout the space, or suspended from the Pavilion ceiling. Bonus points if your art has been featured at an official regional event.

Performance Artists: Everywhere Cabaret

Help start the day in an unexpected way! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, from 10:00-10:30 AM, we would love to showcase your unique, up-close n’ personal performances. Circus performers, magicians, storytellers, puppeteers, musicians with unusual instruments, jugglers, poets, dancers, will be showcased in an intimate stage environment. The best fit would be small acts: solo, duo, trio ensembles in a warm, low-tech setting, setting the mood for an incredible day.

Fill out this form to submit for your participation – we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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From Burners Without Borders and Permaculture Action Network – a question for you

We are organizing toward a Permaculture Action Day on the Road to Burning Man this year with the Big Pine Paiute Tribe’s native farm project. This would be a one-day, free event where folks on their way to the burn would come to the indigenous farm of the Big Pine Paiute Tribe and work on hands-on projects and systems installations including rainwater catchment earthworks (swales), building a greenhouse, building shade structures and winter-growing hoop houses, etc. The Big Pine Paiute Tribe’s native farm is located directly off the 395.

We did our first Permaculture Action Day on the Road to Burning Man in L.A. during August 2016. Check out the video here: https://vimeo.com/190906205/bedba9b5a8 . We see this action day being similar, but with the major difference that it is located in a very rural and distant-from-big-cities region, and that we will be directly working towards the food sovereignty of an indigenous tribe, which feels like a powerful act of solidarity.

There will of course be music, food, workshops/skill-shares, and other activities in addition to the hands on projects, and we are hoping to get shade structures, misters to keep people cool, and maybe even lodging for people who choose to stay overnight.

Would you participate if this was held on Saturday, August 26th with folks being welcome to arrive and camp/shower/eat/gather on the evening of Friday, August 25th? Reply to this email and let me know! I’ll pass along your replies to the organizers.

Find out more about them here http://www.permacultureaction.org/

and here https://www.burnerswithoutborders.org/

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Carved Monuments for Capable Village

Here’s a way to fill an entire village with massive wooden sculptures this summer, art that goes on to Decomps, Precomps and temporary installations year-round — and in the process, generates capital for future projects. No lie! Our own Larry called this concept a “virtuous circle”, but we call it “Fundiversify” and it feeds the commodification snake its own tail. Seems the rich provenance of our community is the basis for innovative investment, maybe enough to drive a renaissance — that’s what idea incubator, Caveat Magister postulates in his great internet article about Fundiversify. Indeed, privately funded, publicly shared art would liberate artists and their message, thereby revolutionizing the the Burning Community. https://journal.burningman.org/2016/05/philosophical-center/tenprinciples/making-patronage-work-for-us-recognizing-that-our-community-creates-value/

After years of R&D we’re seeking more investors to help us establish an “alternative investment vehicle”, one backed by playa artifacts. This is a lucrative way for one or a few capable art lovers to Burn year-round organically, with investment. Fundiversify has already commanded impressive appraisals and purchases, next step is to prove the model successful at auction.

Investment into Fundiversify at this time would fund mighty equipment sufficient to transport the bounding collection of playa-fied monuments featured on our website, transport them to the playa and then far and wide in default, year-round. Our dream village will in essence be adopting our art installation this summer as we perform another of our spacy “Fire Inside” rituals in front of The Temple.

For more, please visit and share our beautiful website: www.fireinsideart.com. Your ideas at this time are more valuable than all the money we may raise.

Thank you for considering,

Chainsaw artist and Fire Meister, Timeless

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Here is a public service announcement from one of the camps near Arctica:

You can’t drive on playa. Once you get to your camp please park your car and leave it there until you’re ready to go home. Black Rock City is a bike town, a pedestrian city, a car free zone. Unless your car is a licensed Mutant Vehicle please don’t drive it around town.

That means no driving to get ice. I know, it seems like this goes without saying, but we’re saying it. No Driving On Playa. Unless you are on a bicycle. Definition of bicycle? Pedal powered. Have a motor assisted bicycle? If you can’t lift it over your head that’s a car. No really, I have it on very good authority.

Don’t end up in D Lot, just park it and hoof it with the rest of us. It’s more fun that way anyways! Thank you ever so, with love from the camps near Arctica

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Highlights from the Regional Scoop:

+ Burning Man Arts is proud to announce the 2017 Global Art Grant recipients. This year, $95,700 funded 20 projects, including projects in 10 States of America and seven international locations. https://journal.burningman.org/2017/06/burning-man-arts/global-art/introducing-the-2017-global-art-grantees/

+ AfrikaBurn Art Book Just Released
Burn – Into the Flames of Burning Art has been released! $teven Ra$pa reports that he believes this is the first art book published about one of Burning Man’s official regional events by a major publisher. All photos were taken by photographer Simon O’Callaghan, who has volunteered many years as part of AfrikaBurn’s Documentation and Media Relations Team. AfrikaBurn just celebrated its 11th anniversary and, with approximately 13,000 participants, is the largest Burning Man recognized official regional event of 80+ individual official regional events (including one day and multi-day events) around the world. You can learn more about this publication here. http://siocapublishing.com/ Proceeds benefit Afrika Burn’s art grant program.

+ The National Week of Making has just ended! http://www.weekofmaking.org/ This event, initiated under President Obama, celebrates the people who make and create things to enhance their world- and ours! Burning Man fits this definition as Black Rock City is inarguably a city of Makers! In honor of the National Week of Making, we invite you to check out this Makers of Black Rock City video by Profiles in Dust, https://vimeo.com/213105879 and see what Christopher Breedlove has to say about about a year in the life of a Mobile Resource Unit. https://journal.burningman.org/2017/06/global-network/burners-without-borders/weekofmaking-a-year-in-the-life-of-bwbs-mobile-resource-unit/

+ If you missed the Desert Arts Preview on June 11th in San Francisco, don’t worry! You can still have a sneak peek at what’s coming to playa this year by checking out this writeup in the Burning Man Journal. https://journal.burningman.org/2017/06/burning-man-arts/brc-art/desert-arts-preview-2017-the-trees/

+ Remembrance Plaque – In Memory of Burners Lost – 2016-17
Deadline: July 20th
Since 1996, an anonymous Burner has created a plaque to commemorate members of our community who have passed away the previous year. This is a call out to you, our community, to please let us know of any Burners lost in the last year whose names you feel should be added to this year’s Remembrance Plaque. Please go to this link, and fill out the form. http://bit.ly/2tKfBLh Submissions must be received by July 20th to be included on this year’s plaque. Submissions after the 20th will be added to next year’s plaque. Look for the completed plaque at the base of the Man. May their spirits move on to the eternal playa!

+ Center Camp Volunteer Opportunities:
The Speaker Series is looking for you to submit an engaging and structured talk to their series this year! Engaging and structured talks (5-30 minutes in length with and additional Q&As afterwards) on any myriad of topics, as long as they are informed, follow the BM principles (generally), and have evidential support (whether experience or academic citations, etc). Fill out the submission form HERE http://bit.ly/2tDgcho and then email speakerseries@burningman.org with questions, comments, or ideas! AV/Powerpoint support is available for the afternoon talks only.

Sound Tech and Stage Tech Volunteer Call Out: Is your idea of a “good time” wrapping cables while cracking jokes and mixing a live band from behind a 16-channel mixer? Then the Sound Team urgently needs YOU! The task at hand? Assisting performers (everything from musicians, singers, and poets, to comedians, acrobats, and entertainers) in bringing their unique and original art to the stage. If this sounds like your type of gig, make sure you have secured your ticket to the event, then visit https://sites.google.com/view/cafesoundperformance/volunteer-opportunities, or email mulder@burningman.org for more info.

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North Bay Burners Social

You are invited for a potluck get together at Chris and Jody’s place, North Bay Burners style! This is a meet and greet, get together, backyard hang out kind of thing. Missed the newbie orientation? Come ask your questions! Meet some local Burners and talk about your plans for this year.

Saturday, July 22nd from 7pm to 10pm
1151 Humboldt St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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North Bay Burners on Playa Meet and Greet

This year our annual on playa meet and greet will be a trip to the confessional bar at Camp “Oh No You Didn’t!” Bring your wild stories and your dark secrets, or just come say hi. Mixers and contributions to the bar always welcome!

Wednesday, August 30th from 7pm to 10pm
9:15 and B, Black Rock City


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