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Happy Independence Day North Bay!

We are comin’ atcha with 2, two, that’s right duo opportunities to mix and mingle your sparkling new burner virgins with the rest of the dusty crew. Newbie Orientation events comin out our ears ya’ll. So get on up in that mess and make it yours : D   xoxo RLL

Sunday, July 14, 2013
9049 Red Hill Ct, Cotati, CA 94931
Come on out to our Burning Man virgins and newbies orientation event. Theme camps will talk about what they do, dusty old burners will tell stories about that one time when, you can ask your questions, bring your friends, and have a potluck with us.

This is an pecha-kucha format event where veteran burners get five minutes to wax poetic about their favorite playa tips and tricks, or just tell us all about that one time at that thing in the desert. You get twenty slides which advance automatically, and a live mike. We will invite all our North Bay n00bs to come out and meet the dusty crew and say hi, and maybe find a new camp or a project to work on. email your images to northbay (at) burningman (dot) com to participate!

Participation Pic-I-Nic
Saturday, August 3, 2013
Recreation Park, Willits, CA
An invitation to Burners new and old to get together for some pre-Playa edjumication. And BBQ! contact jez (at) sonic (dot) net www.facebook.com/events/345805698881449/

We also have a local showing of a Burning Man movie here in good ole Santa Rosa! These have been selling out so get yours in advance. We are going to meet up in costume at the park across the street near the gazebo beforehand…come say hi! It’s an impromptu gathering inspired by Sam, so dress up and come out and let’s be the show before the show :D see you 6pm this Tuesday at Howarth Park, the entrance to the picnic area is right across the street from the movie theater. http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/doclib/Documents/HowarthReservableGazeboPicnicMapENG.pdf

SPARK the movie  http://www.tugg.com/events/4319
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 7:30pm – 9:35pm
Summerfield Cinemas, $14.50 General
551 Summerfield Rd., Santa Rosa, California 95405

Stay after the film for a Q&A with Steve Brown, director of the film and founder of Spark Pictures. Steve will discuss the making of the film and how Spark Pictures hopes to use the film to ignite support for the arts.

And just cuz I like it and you mite!  Bengal Tyger from Laura Low & Lemurr hits on more than just low notes with the first three tunes all featuring some driving midrange bass and fusions from world music as much as Trap and other urban beats and then the tune Relay going even further with some uplifting tribal 4/4 beats that is contagious in it’s organic cheerfulness. Preview streaming: https://soundcloud.com/muti/sets/laua-low-lemurr-bengal-tyger

or maybe you like this?  https://soundcloud.com/evilntt/4-8-15-16-23-42 yeah, thought so. keep cool this summer, and while you do, stay hydrated. Drink!  😀

)’( Project Builds and Calls for Participation )’(

Open Studio Sale and Burn Prep Party Sunday, July 14, 2013
10:00am until 4:00pm 1220 Marque Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Sachi Ivy Designs – including fun fascinators, hats, hula hoops, flowers and other fun stuff – will be available! The studio will be open and ready for use in creating playa projects. Free pile! Used costume items for sale as well. Bring your own rebar to candy-cane or buy a pre-bent bars for your camp. Mix and mingle! Maybe even dance! sachiivy (at) Hotmail (dot) com


The Brittany Weaver Festival in Sausalito at Dunphy Park on August 3, 2013.
Calling all Dance groups, Poets and Puppeteers, and any and all visual and industrial artists. All proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. No donation is too small, performers drink free beer. Thanks! Odin Barr sausboys (at) yahoo (dot) com  http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/tlg/3860202486.html


Hello!  You are invited to participate in the following event to benefit
the nonprofit Burning Man Project!This Is Burning Man:
Larry Harvey and Michael Mikel
in Conversation with Brian Doherty
Wednesday, July 24th
Doors 6pm, Talk 7pm-8:30pm
Reception to Follow**Z Space Theater, 450 Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110*

Burning Man co-founders Larry Harvey and Danger Ranger join “This Is Burning Man” author Brian Doherty for an evening exploring the past, present and future of Burning Man on July 24th at Z Space Theater in San Francisco.

Burning Man started with a handful of people on Baker Beach, and over 27 years has grown to become a cultural phenomenon that attracts 60,000 participants to Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert. Now it is expanding beyond the desert to ignite a cultural, technological and artistic evolution on a global scale through the non-profit Burning Man Project.

Ticket sales are tax deductible and benefit the nonprofit Burning Man Project, dedicated to extending Burning Man culture into the world. Pricing is “pay what you can” to benefit the Project: $20, $30 or $50. Premium seating at $125 includes “This Is Burning Man” hard cover book signed by the presenters. $100 of this is tax deductible.

Z Space Theater is at 450 Florida Street in San Francisco. Doors open at
6pm and the presentation begins at 7pm. A reception and book signing will
take place immediately following the presentation.

For tickets, click here: http://tinyurl.com/thisisburningmanevent.


This is a call out for fundraising support for the Narwhal 2013
! As many of you know, Pepe Ozan, a prolific and influential Burning Man
Artist and Visionary passed away this season.  On Wednesday evening (8/28)
of Burning Man, we will have a procession in his honor and the centerpiece
of the procession will be our beloved Narwhal. Details on the procession
can be found here <http://arkofozanra.org/>. Please help fund this project if you can!



Your Burning Man year-round volunteer Special Events Team is planning the 14th Annual SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! for 10/13/13 on Indiana Street starting Noon. We are scheduling stages and placing art and camps NOW. Don’t delay!!!

Got big art? A mutant vehicle? Interactive theme camp? Performance, crafting workshop, kids event, Performance art thingy, dance troupe, parade, lecture? Contact us.

Or maybe you can loan a live performer sound system, stage, lighting/other infrastructure? Or maybe you have an opinion about what you’d like to see more of at Decom?

Email NOW: flambelounge (at) burningman (dot) com to request a space and share your creative spirit, art and vision.


– SEPT 15th FIRE DEADLINE- Deadline for fire artists and performers to submit fire safety info. But, contact us BEFORE Burning Man with interest pretty please!!!

– SEPT 24nd DEADLINE- Deadline for non-fire art, theme camps and performance.
We can’t guarantee placement after that, though we try

Priority given to new folks that didn’t have a spot last year. But we’ll accommodate everyone we can! The SF Decompression is powered by an amazing team of volunteers and tons of communal effort. To join the SF Decom team, email SEvolunteers (at) burningman (dot) com

To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: http://regionals.burningman.com/. This is a year-round community with events being planned here, there and EVERYWHERE, literally every day of the week!

So, as you prepare for the Playa, take a moment RIGHT NOW to plan how your art will make it to Decom and one or more regional event. Take your art on the road and keep the fires burning all year-long!  NOW CONTACT US!
For SF Decom submissions: flambelounge@burningman.com
For SF Decom Volunteers: SEvolunteers@burningman.com


The Center Camp Cafe Performance Stages are open for scheduling and we have a whole new process that includes bread crumbs, new & improved forms, personal agency and awesomeness!

If you are interested in performing with us- look at the below list and send an email with (a-c) the following information to the person who best fits your wants and desires.

a) Whether you already have your ticket to the event, because as all of you know, we cannot schedule you until you do.
b) Whether you perform all original works? Non copyrighted, non canned music/visuals/stories?

If the answer to both of these questions is “Yes” you are in on the path to a fabulous spot on the largest living room stage EVER!
c) Also please send a link to the type of music/performance/activity you are suggesting because we want to be able to offer you the best possible fit for your art.

i. For your spoken word/comedy/soap-box stylings:
ii. For musical performances (Generally 20 minute-55 minute slots):
iii. For aerial performances: (scheduled from 5:30pm-6pm Tuesday-Saturday)
iv. For all other types of performances (including dance,circus, etc):
v. For marching bands: sleepless@burningman.com

We also have a whole new process by which to sign up, which includes the following- which you can do right now!

1. Fill Out a Burner Profile if you haven’t already and then
2. Fill Out a Volunteer Questionnaire – NOTE: You may have already done this, however we ask you to do it again in that the questionnaire has recently changed and as a big change, we now have access to them(*yippie*) and everyone will benefit from using them in the scheduling process!
(More on this to come, you shall see.)

In the Vol Questionnaire there are a bunch of questions trying to help understand and showcase your skills and they way you have in the past, and currently want to be involved with Burning Man. It also asks  you for your interest in volunteering with specific teams. In order to schedule a performance with us:

Please check the Center Camp Cafe Team. The next page will be a small secondary form that gives you options of how to get involved with Center Camp Cafe.
On that page, check Cafe Sound.
When you do that you will be given other options- choose any which appeal to you, but be SURE to also then Check Performer.

What will then happen is:

You will be responded to by whoever you have contacted regarding the answers your provided in email form a-c and you will be well on your way to potentially finding a slot with us to share your craft.

much dust, crust, and scheduling shenanigans-

sound & performance team manager
center camp cafe


Greetings for the Virgin Letters Project!

http://www.virginletters.com/    and   https://www.facebook.com/VirginLetterProject?fref=ts )

We are inviting you to participate in the VLP at your local event. Host a Drop Box! It’s easy! It’s fun! and it’s FREE! (no fundraising pleas from us!

Hosting a Drop box is easy.
1. Let us know where and when your event is…
2. Give us an address where you are comfortable receiving a package in the mail…
3. We will send you a care package containing:

  • Instructions
  • A drop box
  • Blank letter paper
  • A prepaid envelope to return the letters after your event
  • (VLP swag may be included depending on availability)

We will leave it up to you on how to promote the project at your event. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email to the listed website.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon.


That’s right, Lord Huckleberry and his DUSTFISH are bringing a MASSIVE CRASHED CARGO PLANE to The Esplanade as our most ambitious Live Music &amp; Performance Stage EVER!

Come join us for our only FUNdraiser of the year at MARS BAR in San Francisco

Mz.K!  . . . . . .
MamaDora! . . .  https://www.facebook.com/mamadoras?fref=ts
Xzist! . . . . . . . . https://www.facebook.com/xzistizm?fref=ts
Natalie Rhae! . . https://www.facebook.com/natalie.rhae.pole?fref=ts
Mee Zee! . . . . .  https://www.facebook.com/mee.zee.77?fref=ts
Dance your BOOTY off to the grooves of the Dustfish DJ’s:
Random Intent (vinyl only!), Satsi Sonik, and Shrimp!
PLUS Special Guest DJ’s soon to be announced!
RAFFLE/AUCTION:  Amazing collection of raffle prizes as well as one-of-a-kind silent auction items.
Indoor AND outdoor bar, as well as a rear patio area where we can have a SMOKE with our drinks at tables like civilized Pure Trash.
We’ll get you part way to Mars . . . up to you how and where you LAND!

Get the latest info on entertainment lineup, raffle and auction items, and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS at: https://www.facebook.com/events/186360681529543/
Visit www.dustfish.org to purchase our BADASS Schwag or to make a donation to the cause!
MARS BAR 798 Brannan (@7th) San Francisco 94103
9:00 pm to close
$15 sliding scale at the door.


::: Reminder ::: Have stuff you want included? Please send to northbay(at)burningman(dot)com with POST REQUEST in the subject line. It will be considered for the next monthly announce newsletter. The Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/northbayburners and the discussion list at http://lists.burningman.com/mailman/listinfo/northbay-list are largely unmoderated and open for anyone to post anything. Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop? Got an idea for a sewing party? Just feel like having some burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite us over on the discussion list! Have something of general interest that’s too long for announce? Do a guest blog! Email northbay (at) burningman (dot) com and request a login. ::: Reminder :::

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