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Dear North Bay Burners,

This time of year is all about helping people who have a ticket understand what it means to be a Burner. As anyone who has been out to Black Rock City knows it’s more preparation, planning and networking than your usual camping trip. A strange combination of knowing how to proceed and being open to what happens, this is the key.

As the level of MOOP rises and our community grows we strive to keep from diluting the juice. I’m not saying drink the koolaid. Oh no. This is about how you show up and what you bring to the party. How do you connect with the Ten Principles, and what do you bring back home to modify the default world to be more like the playa?

At Afrikaburn the 11th principle is Each One Teach One. We are asking you to take on the task of sharing your favorite principle with someone who is headed out this year to have their mind blown. Maybe it’s the idea of Civic Responsibility that gets you going, and you’re inspired by the level of social responsibility you see in BRC. You might want to share your inspiration about that and organize a local event to show everyone what you learned.

Maybe it’s Radical Self-reliance that turns your crank, and you love nothing more than being the person everyone knows has it all plus some to share. Or maybe sharing is your thing and you love Gifting and the whole concept of a gift economy. Whatever it is that sparks your interest, let the newbies know about it! You are the best chance we have of keeping the flame. Pass it on…

xoxo RLL

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Please take a few minutes to watch and share this amazing, in-house produced video on Playa Restoration, the challenges we are all facing with increased MOOP on playa, and what we can all do to Leave No Trace!

It features DA, our fearless Playa Resto manager, and was shot and edited by the fantastic Lisa Fryklund at Burning Man HQ.

Here is Jon Mitchell’s associated Burning Man Journal post:

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More about enculturation from Louder! Charlie:

Do you remember what getting ready for your first Burn felt like? What kinds of questions did you have? Did someone answer those questions for you?

Be that someone for someone new. Adopt a newbie or two. Answer their questions.

It’s time.

  • Becoming a citizen of Black Rock City is more than simply buying a ticket and showing up and that we all are ultimately responsible for contributing to the event and for the long-term survival of Black Rock City.
  • Burning Man is a community and everyone’s participation is a HUGE part of the experience.
  • The Black Rock Desert WILL TRY TO KILL YOU and you should read the Survival Checklist so it won’t.

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Annual North Bay Burners Newbie Orientation

This year our newbie orientation event will be a fire pit discussion and backyard campover. Come hang out and meet some local Burners, see some demos of how to do it out in the desert, ask your questions, and enjoy a night around the campfire. You can come for the evening, or pop a tent and stay over for the bacon breakfast the next morning.

Saturday, June 17th at 5pm
to noon on Sunday
Sebastopol, California
backyard campout with firepit

To RSVP and get directions to the place in Sebastopol where we will be having the campover email kellyann.walton@burningman.org


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Artist Call for Participation for Burning Man Precompression 2017:
Burning Man presents: PRECOMPRESSION 2017!

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

At NIMBY and on Amelia Street
8410 Amelia Street, Oakland, CA 94621

This is a special call out to ARTISTS for this year’s Precompression. Join us for an evening of art, inventions, and imaginative community. This will be a creative collaboration of artistically epic proportions – from art, theme camps, and mutant vehicles to performers and participants of every kind… This year we will continue our spirited tradition of celebrating art where it is created by going to NIMBY and closing off Amelia Street. This is a great opportunity to test and prototype your work, find like-minded collaborators and volunteers, and strut your stuff!

Artists and Art Projects wanting to be involved should email: CallForArt@burningman.org

Theme camps, art cars and interactive projects wanting to participate should email: flambelounge@burningman.org today! Also for general questions.

Performers and DJs should complete this form: http://bit.ly/precom2017performers

Want to volunteer? Email ce-volunteers@burningman.org

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::: Reminder ::: Have stuff you want included? Please answer this questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/Vrasv0Srvh. It will be considered for the next monthly announce newsletter which comes out around the first of the month. The North Bay Burners Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/northbayburners and our discussion list at https://groups.google.com/a/burningman.org/forum/#!forum/northbay-list are largely unmoderated. Want to let folks know about a fire spinning or hooping workshop? Got an idea for a sewing party? Feel like having some burners over for a night around a firepit or as company at an Art Walk? Reach out and invite us over! ::: Reminder :::

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