LA Metro Call for Artists

Here is a golden opportunity for EVERY artist in our community to get a commission from LA Metro. They are building new stations like crazy and need lots of artists to decorate them with their art.  They are putting together a pool of 300 artists and the deadline to submit for the pool is APRIL 7th.

This is open to artists of all amateur and professional levels. Many of the people who have received Metro commissions thus far were first timers. Some never even had a gallery show. But all have gone on to do additional public works.

Here is the really cool part…you get to keep your originals. Metro is commissioning ($$) you for the image which they will pay to have printed either on Enameled Steel, Powered Aluminum, Glass, Laser Cut Steel, or Ceramic Tile. Metro will also cover the cost of installation. All you need to do is come up with the image. They are looking for 2D and 3D artists of all genres. Painters, print makers, graphic designers, stencils, photographers, collage, assemblage, etc. Metro will provide someone to shoot or scan your image and then they transfer it in a durable format and take care of the rest. You remain the owner of the original.

***VERY IMPORTANT: this is not proposals for work to be put in the stations, just information about you as an artist and what your art work looks like (your talent). ***

Step by Step what you need to do~
Go to /
click on /Artists Opportunities/Events
/Download the /Call to Artists/
Download the /Questions and Answers //R//egardind the Call
/*Read both documents *
To Submit after you read both documents
Go to/http//s://
/Sign Up/ to get started
Follow the directions there and in the /Call to Artists/ document.
You will need /Artist Statement, Professional resume, Ten images of your work /(this is work you have done, not work you are proposing to do – showcase your talent)/, //Descriptions of each image, and Professional references/. You can check both 2D and 3D if you want to be considered for both.

This is the pool they will draw from for the next 3 years for ALL Metro art opportunities.

If you have questions, you may contact me and I’ll try to answer them or you can contact

***There is no free standing sculpture opportunities at this time***

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