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Hello North Bay!

Very excited to report the North Bay is working on a collabo with other North American burners to participate in the Souk or marketplace located in the Man base this year.

If you would like to be a part of hawking priceless, and indeed entirely gifted, wares and inspiringly yet entirely imaginary services join the google group at and get into the discussion. It is sure to be a multi-national, inter-communal tribal kind of thang and we’re excited to play along.

Imagine an open air market where nothing is for sale, and everything entices! Find out more, be the art. Souk 2014 is a regional melting pot and we’re throwing our cheese in the ring. Where will it stop? Black Rock City! see you there…

xoxo RLL

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Hey folks,
My son’s school, River Middle School in Napa, is having a Carnival on Friday May 8th, 3:30-8pm. I’m a beginning fireless poi spinner and wanted to get the kids into it, so I’ve volunteered to make poi and demo at the event. I’m looking for a spinner to join me to demo and and teach us some moves. I can’t pay, but I’d love to give the gift of Steampunk playa wear. Contact me if interested.

Judi Morales Gibson
Cinder Garden Steampunk Designs
“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

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“Hey there, North Bay friends! It might be a bit of a drive, but if you’re looking for an epic and exciting project to work on for Burning Man this year, consider The Alien Siege Machine, being built at NIMBY in Oakland! Our next build day is 10am on Saturday, May 10th, and we’d love you to come help build the Alien Siege Machine!

The build day will be at NIMBY (8410 Amelia St, Oakland) – the Facebook event is here:

“The Alien Siege Machine is a ghost ship. It travels through space and time imperiling all it encounters. Appearing throughout the epochs, crews are enslaved and are driven by a mysterious rancor to pilot the Machine into battle, often adding their own technology as they feverishly execute another volley of combat against the very civilization from which they came. The Alien Siege Machine’s immortal and profane war has come to our time and place. Now it sits on the playa, battle wounded, but battle-ready. God save us all.”

This structure will be over 40 feel tall and will be fully interactive, with strange objects and devices from all over time and space – this mysterious structure has existed before us, after us, and now TASM will tower over BRC. It will be a spectacular feature of the event. There will be performance pieces happening on and around it, a ceremony by the true believers to resurrect the machine, and near the end of the week, there will be an epic battle! If you remember the Trojan Horse and Anubis, this figure is being built by the same crew.

Even if you can’t make it out to the build to play with us, our Indiegogo is still running and we still need financial support, so please consider donating to our Indiegogo campaign as well! (

We hope to interact with all of our other non-local burners both on and off playa – the best parts of these projects are building community, and our burner community certainly extends outside the East Bay, over to you in the North Bay!”

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Wired Magazine Writer Seeks Subjects

I’m looking for scientists and/or researchers who plan to attend
Burning Man in 2014 to do fieldwork. This would be for potential
publication in one of the national science outlets I write and edit for.
This could encompass just about any discipline: archaeology, anthropology,
sociology, economics, business, religious studies, geography, you name it,
as long as it’s real academic research based on fieldwork at the festival
itself. Bonus points for: a) a track record of previous work at Burning
Man, especially with publications, and b) research that relates to the
study of large temporary settlements, like slums or religious festivals.
But these aren’t critical. Thanks! Julian Smith,

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“What does it take to have a 15+ piece band perform in the challenging conditions of Black Rock City for three hours a night, four days in a row? In short, you need: months of planning and rehearsing, a camp of 150 professional artists, builders, performers, dancers, organizers, and support crew, plus the blood, sweat, and tears of devoted Crossroadians weeks before and after Burning Man. The Crossroads camp, for the fourth year, is happy to give all of this and more to the Burning Man community.

You know what else it takes? Thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay for sound equipment rentals, light rentals, transportation costs, storage costs, building material costs, cleaning of said equipment, etc. The sad fact is that the cost to produce The Crossroads has grown to be more than our camp fees can cover. The good news is that with your help and the help of the Burning Man community, we can again bring live soul, funk, and pop music out to the Playa for 2014.

Come join us on Saturday, May 3rd for a Crossroads extravaganza guaranteed to bring AND inspire fantastic Playa flashbacks. The entire 15+ Crossroads band will be performing for your listening and booty shaking pleasure from 9pm to 1am. Come earlier for the hot burlesque and cabaret show featuring the musicians, dancers, and friends of The Crossroads.

There are only 150 tickets to this event and it is expected to sell out quickly.”

Cabaret from 8-9pm
Crossroads Band from 9pm-1pm

Cabaret & Burlesque Performers:
*** Shaina K. Evoniuk & Nataly Michelle Wright stripping down to basics
*** Larissa Archer will captivate you with her belly dancing
*** Jo Beth Locklear is going to rattle your bones with her sexy routine
*** Sandia DeLavibora will leave you breathless with her arial escapades

Music by
Wesley Morgan
Acacia Quien
MC Dublin Dave
DJ Sets by Dizzy Victrola

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Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics, 99 6th St., Santa Rosa,
CA 95401

Salon 7-8 p.m. discussing drug policy reform, harm reduction & going public
about how the psychedelic experience can be among the most meaningful
events in one’s life. This is a participant led roundtable.

Dance party 8 p.m. will rock the house w/ classic tunes sure to keep your
feet jumpin’ from a select playlist by Frederick of the Playa. Requests

Food, beer & wine available.
$8 minimum donation.
Tickets available from Brown Paper Tickets

All proceeds go to support the Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art &
Politics, 99 6th St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Interested in participating at Burning Man in a unique and interesting way?
Would you like to *REALLY* get to know Black Rock City by walking its
streets and meeting other participants? Do you like to help people out
when things have gotten a bit wacky, when tempers flare, or when someone
just needs a sympathetic ear?

If so, Rangering might be for you. Day or night, pairs of Black Rock
Rangers can be found walking and bicycling the streets of Black Rock City,
engaging with the community, enjoying the art, at the ready to help sort
things out.

Black Rock Rangers are participants who volunteer a portion of their time
in service of the safety and well-being of the Burning Man community.
Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, facilitators of
public safety (with the expectation that everybody read the back of their
ticket, of course!), providers of reliable information, and navigators of
the edge of chaos.

If that sounds like fun, please consider volunteering with us! Prospective
Black Rock Rangers must be at least 18 years old and must have attended
Burning Man a minimum of two times, and at least once within the past ten

The deadline to apply to become a Black Rock Ranger is August 1st, but
Ranger trainings start as early as May, so you can get a taste of the playa
before summer even starts! For more information about the Rangers and the
application process, please see
Questions? Email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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The monthly meet and greet known as North Bay Salon will be Saturday, May 17th at 8:30pm on Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa. Come strap it on and glide about with us at 1667 W Steele Lane, Santa Rosa, California 95403 See you there!

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UNSCRUZ 2014 — A Burning Man Regional Event

Saturday May 3rd 3:00pm Sunday May 4th 5:00pm
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
2601 E. Lake Ave. Watsonville, 95076

$35 Presale Tickets
Available at
$45 at the Gate
$75 Limited RV/Camper Passes (if you want access to your RV you need one of these!)
$15 at the gate (Sunday only)
All ages (under 12 free, under 18 with signed guardian)
Facebook Invite:

Volunteers needed before, during, and after the event!
Apply here:

*MAKE SURE TO READ THE FAQ on camping, the Fairgrounds Ins & Outs Policy, and more:

We can be reached at

* Read this:
* There are NO INS AND OUTS between the event and the parking lot. Prepare for this and bring everything you need into the event! There will be shuttles to help with haulin’ your stuff.
* Respect your neighbors, respect the staff, respect the Fairgrounds.
* LEAVE NO TRACE! You are part of the Leave No Trace team. Pack out whatever you brought in. Please pick up any trash, paper, feathery bits.
* Perform random acts of art, kindness, and giving.
* NO renegade sound, outside alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks, or unapproved fire performance or fire art.
* Volunteer! This is a volunteer-driven event! Stop by Playa Info or the Volunteer Check-In.
* Sorry, no nudity at this event. Bikini tops and bootie shorts welcomed.
* This is a PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT Event! Bring enough of your own food and water (no outside alcohol!) to survive for two days in a not-so-harsh coastal environment.

(The list will grow, not all acts are confirmed yet, but here’s what we got so far!)

Camp HeartOn!
Camp Miso Horny
Pornj Palace
Camp Dirty Bodies
Chill Ville Esplanade
Playa Info

Lucyfer’s Dragons of Eden & Satan’s Calliope
Horseless Carriage
Skeeter Art Car
Land Sharks and Electric Butterflies
The Bounce Car

Illumination Village Gazebo
K.J.O. Electric Visions
Diobox DJ Lighting

UnSCruz Conclave
Kilovolt Coil Show
Aerial Arts Santa Cruz and Sound Healing
Samba Stilt Circus
The “Do-Rights” Burlesque
Modern Dance Collective
Billion Jelly Bloom
Daniel Mollner (Ecstatic Dance)
Massage Therapy

*Bounce Camp Stage
*Big Mike’s Sound Stage
*Outdoor Amphitheater Stage
*Silent Disco Stage

Labrat vs. DownsquareZ
El Jefe Rojo
White Chocolate Funk
Mark London and the Super Greens
Dancing Mandy
Smudge (Electro Swing)
Hamid Martin (Inner Rhythm)


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