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Dear North Bay Burners,

Things are humming and strumming along quite nicely, how about that rain! And what a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Even the fog says hello πŸ˜€

We’ve got a lot in the hopper, so read on and I’ll see you all at the next Salon.

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Service Day

Come to the orientation meeting at 7pm on Monday, May 11th at the Redwood Gospel Mission to find out how we can be of service.

Redwood Gospel Mission
101 6th St, Santa Rosa, California 95401

Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 7pm

This is the North Bay Burners response to the BWB 128 Day Challenge.

We are starting small, but we’ve got big ideas. Come be a part of it!

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North Bay Salon is on the third Friday this month and it’s a double dipper. Come hang out at a new bar in Cotati for a while, then head over to the roller skating rink for some rubber legs!

We start out at Dre’s Bar & Grill, just opened up in the spot where Mom’s, I mean the Yacht Club used to be LOL on the park in downtown Cotati. Let’s go see what’s on tap.

Friday, May 15, 2015 at 8pm
Dre’s Bar & Grill
8099 La Plaza, Cotati, California 94931

Then at 10pm we head on over to Cal Skate for their new 18 and over adult skate on Friday nights from 10-midnight. It’s $8 to get in and that includes your skate rental.

Cal Skate 10pm-midnight, 18 +
6100 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

see you there!

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GLC write up

I did write ups of the sessions I attended at the recent Global Leadership Conference in San Francisco. Here are some of my notes:

This conference is open to not only Regional Contacts but also Community Leaders, so if you’re interested in going next year let us know and we’ll get you on the list. Event organizers, leaders of civic projects, artists and other interested parties welcome!

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Temple build

As you may know the temple for this year is being built in Alameda. If you’d like to help out fill in the volunteer form here

and get on the Temple of Promise crew.

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Thank you to the Sebastopol Makers for helping me get my fire toys going, I went out to the Haascienda and got drilled, welded and otherwise fixed up. So thank you Steamboat Ed, Bruce the younger, and Rich! and have a great time at Makers Faire. Ed and the gang meet every Thursday night to tinker, weld, and make stuff and they are happy to share the wisdom. We will be having a salon over there one of these days, so stay tuned for that. Good times. and I hope you like cocker spaniels, because they’ve got lots. Cute ones too, and one of them is trained to lift skirts LOL

Why, you might ask, am I making fire toys? Well I’m so glad you said that because I wanted to tell you I’m trying out for Conclave again this year with the Aries Fire Collective crew so wish us luck! We meet every Tuesday night at the Hessel Grange for practice, and on the odd weekends we have our all tribe meetups where people come from the bays East and South and Sacramento too for a practice with the drummers. We’ll be making our video soon, so costumes are in order and everyone is getting ready. woo hoo! fiyah

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any local builds? need help? let us know!

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The tenth annual Desert Arts Preview! This very popular and anticipated event features artists presenting their works in progress destined for Burning Man 2015. It will be video recorded and posted online after the event.

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Our proposal was accepted and we are a part of the Man Base Midway this year! w00t so come be a part of the art and play with us carny style.

Want to know who else is playing? without further ado…here are the Midway 2015 groups!

Baltic Pagan Altar-Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Carnal Connections: Love is an Illusion-Reno, NV
Carny Corral-Worldwide Midway Volunteers
Cock ‘N Candy-Orange County, CA
Doktor Malvoye’s Travelling Clinic-East Bay, CA
Dr. Hyas Balze Boardwalk Soul Exchange-San Diego, CA
Dr. Thelonious D. Rum and his Medicinal Thumpthump Healing Excursion-Utah
Fantastic Journey Into The Man’s Head-New York, NY
FoxCarn-Taiwan and China
Gallery of Infinity-Santa Cruz, CA
In-sight-out-Czech Republic
Infinite Community-Los Angeles, CA
Macabre Penny Arcade-Baltimore, MD
Mutant Tivoli-Nordic Region
Pinball Machine-Wisconsin
Sacramento Sparkade and the Foothills’ Finest-Sacramento, CA
Sask Playa Odditorium-Saskatchewan, China, Argentina, North Bay, CA
Shock-A-Chakra-Boston, MA
Sideshow Sven and Professor Lena’s Midway Spectacular-Minnesota
Sunken City Sideshow-New Orleans, LA
The Discombobulater-Colorado
The Love Tester-South Florida
The Mask Factory-Houston, TX
The Philly Phreak Show-Philadelphia, PA
Venus Lift – Mega Mikoshi -Japan
Wonderlust Arcade-San Diego, CA

There will also be a Carny Corral where people will check in and find out what is going on around the Midway. If you’d like to volunteer you can sign up for the list here

or just show up on playa and let them place you in an open slot in the Midway mayhem. Think carnival barkers gone Burning Man.

We are excited to see what YOU co-create together and we thank you for your ideas, excitement and inspiration. Clown noses for EVERYONE!

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until next time may your fire burn bright, your home be warm, your heart open and your head full of dreams!

xoxo RLL

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