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Dear ones,

Here is a bunch more news for you, some sad, some hopeful. Please be safe out there! Hold each other close. And reach out if you need support. It’s been a tough year but we will get through it together. We got this fam. Be strong. Make art. Keep. Moving. Forward.

With love,

Kelly aka RLL

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In light of the recent Ghost Ship fire here are some resources for anyone with a warehouse community or other raw space throwing parties, as well as general support and counsel for the grieving process. Love to all of you mourning the loss this holiday season.

An info-graphic to help people think about and keep fire safety in mind.  It is available here.

Also this about safe spaces.

And this too.

NIMBY just put out this video with Joseph Pred (formerly BMHQ staff). It is also at this tiny url here.

A list of wellness services in the Bay Area.

And this post from the Burning Journal.

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We have theme! The art theme for Burning Man 2017 has been released. Read all about it here.

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From our friends at the Palo Alto Public Art Program:

Open Call to Geeks, Inventors, Innovative Thinkers, Artists, and Makers!

For one weekend in June 2017, we will temporarily reframe the City of Palo Alto as a laboratory for urban interventions and creative placemaking while engaging commuters, residents, students and visitors in dialogue to shape the future of the downtown corridor.

More info, click here.

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Request for proposals from the Midtown Alliance, which leased Zach Coffin’s Rockspinner piece in Atlanta. They are seeking a new temporary piece for the site and asked that we forward to other Burning Man artists.

For Additional Information, please contact:
Ginny Kennedy
Midtown Alliance

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BRC Honoraria Grant Cycle is Opening!

If you are interested in applying for funding to bring your art installation to the playa in 2017, the process opens on Tuesday, December 6. The first step in the BRC Honorarium Program is to submit a Letter of Intent via Burner Profiles. The deadline is January 4, 2017 at 5pm PST

This year we are offering an opportunity for early notification; if you submit your LOI during the first week it’s open (by Dec. 13) we will notify you by Dec. 22 if you’ve been invited to submit a full proposal. We’ll also send you a full preview of the proposal so you’ll have 7 weeks to work on it. If you submit your LOI anytime after the first week & before the deadline, we will notify you by Jan. 12, and you will have almost 3 weeks to work on your full proposal.

Please feel free to share this widely, and we look forward to reading your proposals!

Dec. 6:  LOI opens (noon PST)
Dec. 13: Deadline for LOI “Early Responder/Early Notification” (5pm PST)
Dec. 22: Notification for Early Responders
Jan. 4: LOI closes (5pm PST)
Jan. 12: Notification for LOIs submitted after Dec. 13
Jan. 31: Full grant proposal deadline (5pm PST)
March 2: Final notification

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A lovely documentary about this year’s Temple build by Laurent Garcia.

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