NorthBayNews Temple Edition

Well North Bay Burners as you may know the temple build is back in our area, and in full swing. Here is what’s up, and how you can help out. copied with permission from the temple crew list:

Many of you have been asking for a work schedule and we are happy to oblige! From now until we leave for the playa on august 8th, we will be having work parties at 110 Copeland Street, Petaluma, CA Wednesday through Sunday beginning at 10:30am. Rest assured that if you show up, there is something for you to do. Remember to bring water, lunch, sunblock, gloves, etc. and wear footwear that covers your toes.

Look forward to seeing you there!

They are going at it full bore, and can use all hands on deck. The fundraising aspect is also in full swing, and you can find out more about how to contribute here: and the temple website is here:

Thank you to ShelleRae from CouchBurners for reminding me to tell you all about it, the temple didn’t make it into the newsletter because you know, no one sent me a message with POST REQUEST in the subject line! and the RLL can’t do it all alone, too many things. but we got it figured out. go team!

other invitations I’ve gotten since I sent out the newsletter:

the Obtanium Cup in Vallejo July 27th

Aubergine reopens on July 11th in Sebastopol

and save the date for the lighting of LOVE at the Fair on July 24th at sundown. rumor has it the newly Fire Conclave accepted Aries Fire Collective will be there all lit up and on fire too! so bring your hoops and get your dress up on – everyone gets into the fair for $5 after 7pm (be sure to get there before the gates close at 9). see you there!

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