POWERCHAIR – a camp for mobility impaired burners

for our mobility challenged friends – read on for a message from POWERCHAIR

Just wanted to let our community know that there is a camp for your mobility-impaired Burners.

I’m The Rat Lady and I am finally home! I know I thought for 15 years that I could never go to Burning Man.  I use a wheelchair, don’t have access to a generator and thought when it came to Burning Man, it is just too big, too dusty, to hard without a Cabana Boy (& I know I can’t afford one of those!). Well, I discovered last year that it IS possible for me to go to the Burn!!

The Black Rock City Department of Mobility Camp is a Theme camp dedicated to gifting mobility services to our mobility-impaired Burners. It’s by no means a luxury Camp, we are still dusty, many of our members bring small tents to do their camping, it’s still hot and cold, but we do make it possible!

We are on an electric grid, important if you need to recharge a mobility scooter, wheelchair/powerchair, oxygen concentrator, c-pap machine etc., Our camp is wheelchair friendly, all of our paths are designed with chairs and golf carts in mind. Our Sun Shower rig is wheelchair accessible by a ramp. Our kitchen area is wheelchair friendly as well.

For the city at large, we take out our fleet of mutated vehicles that can hold up to 14 at a time, with up to 5 wheelchairs, 4 times a day for deep playa art tours, so that the mobility impaired among us still have access to the Temple, The Man and the ART! We also shuttle out to the two main burns and some smaller burns as well.

This year we would like to expand into “Short Bus” service along “D” street from the 3 and 9 o’clock plazas to the three Arctic Ices, the three medicals, post office, Playa Info, The Man and our Camp in center camp. For those wheelies that are camping with others, you might want to position yourself near “D” Street.

We currently have room in our Camp for 25+ Burners in wheelchairs and 15 with mobility scooters and we can always welcome some able bodies too. Everyone is expected to do as much as they are able to contribute to our mission.

Please share this information with your friends and Camp members so that they can share it with their friends who always thought they could never come! Or with those able bodies who have a driving desire to make things inclusive for all! We would welcome both! Camp dues go toward in camp services, with anything left over going toward our Community Services for all, including those temporarily impaired.

We are also seeking financial donations toward our goals of the “Short Bus Line” and infrastructure, for the “Short Bus Line” others with Art Cars to expand our community services. If your Camp would like to help get the Line going please contact us.

If you would like to do a fund raiser to help toward the “Short Bus Line” , or bring your own “Short Bus”/Art Car, or help us in any way, we would welcome anything most gratefully.

If any of you have an Art Car with wheelchair access, we would love to have you camp with us or if it’s a very large Art car, coordinate with us to stop by our Camp, so that the mobility impaired can ride.

Our Website is http://BlackRockCityMobility.org It is still being added to, but can give a lot of info right now.
Feel free to contact us at brcmobility (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions or to apply to join our camp! Please no Spam!

Dani L. Moore
Services Coordinator
Black Rock City Department of Mobility

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