Ramping Up

Things are heating up here in LongLankenstein, and Regyna is running around like a little headless chicken (or should I say Hen Cock LOL) trying to get ready for her impending trip to the lovely metropolis of Black Rock City. If you are joining us in our fair city this fine and supposedly dusty (in the Black Rock Desert? say it’s not so!) city this year I hope to see you out at the Twisted Upright House at 7:15 on the Circle of Regional Effigies on Tuesday at 2pm for the CORE Art Walk, and again on Thursday night for the 34 effigy simultaneous ignition burn!

We will be having our monthly meet and greet for August so come on out for the Salon on Tuesday the 21st.  We’ll screen Burn on the Bayou (courtesy of Chipper Mel), and it’s an amazing film if you haven’t seen it. If you have, just come out and share a meal and meet some great people over at FrogSong.

The Reno Star Thistle, which is actually a North Bay honorarium project, is still looking for funding.  Check out their kickstarter and help em out if you can. Brooke and Mark need a boost with the funding for the lighting on the large scale steel sculpture, any little bit helps.

If you aren’t heading out to the playa this year I hope you burn brightly wherever you are – find a corner of the world to turn into your own personal burn. Invite your friends over, make some stuff, hang out and do nothing, dance around.  Do whatever it is that makes you feel like you, and then take a picture and send it in to us at northbay (at ) burningman (dot) com so we can see how much fun you had without us!

If I get some good ones I’ll post them up here, and if anyone wants to tell us a story, well we love that too. Happy almost Burn Day from all of us here in LongLankenstein, may your new year be all that and a bag of chips too. Sparkly!

xoxo RLL

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