Sac Valley’s Decompression Calendar

The Sacramento Valley Burners are at it again!  Joyce sent me a link for their Decompression Calendar, and as she rightly pointed out, there are plenty of opportunities to decompress in the fine state of California.  Santa Cruz is first on September 30th, then the big San Francisco one on October 7th.  South Bay has its camp-out at Lupin on the weekend of October 12th, and Reno is decompressing on the 13th.  Ok, that’s not really our state, but we claim them anyways because they are funny and we like them.  The Humboldt Burners are planning Fire Fall on the 20th of October, and we are holding down the back forty with ours on November the 3rd.  So there you go.  If any of you have the least bit of compression left by 2013 it’s not for lack of opportunity to ease your change of attitude.  I mean altitude.  So get out there and mingle people, winter is a comin’!

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