CORE 2014 and Glamping

Well we held it, and they came. We had over twenty people in attendance at the Town Hall meeting at Frog Song last night. First we talked about the Caravansary art theme for this year. Basically we decided it is a glampy truck stop for camels with a sub-theme of carpool. So what is at …


Happy Holls

Hoping you all enjoy a very happy holiday!  May you spend it surrounded by whatever you love best. Wishing you something fuzzy, something that’s on fire, and something so beautiful it almost makes you cry. until next year, loving…RLL your dTd

Back from the Burn

I’m still going through all the ziplocks and sorting the laundry from the schwag, but I just had to write and tell you all about the CORE burn. I arrived on playa midday Saturday before the event. We spent most of the day setting up camp in Outpost Berlin, heading out to check out the …


Ramping Up

Things are heating up here in LongLankenstein, and Regyna is running around like a little headless chicken (or should I say Hen Cock LOL) trying to get ready for her impending trip to the lovely metropolis of Black Rock City. If you are joining us in our fair city this fine and supposedly dusty (in …


Eggs for CORE

Want to get involved creatively in the North Bay CORE project?  Make eggs! the Trinity County sea turtle project is well under way and we have the details from Nathan on how to make the eggs at home so you can send them in to be included in the burn. The size of the eggs …


Fertility 2.0

Thoughts on the non official non theme according to Halcyon from Hug Nation from the Burning Blog. Larry Harvey announced the 2012 Theme at Artumnal on Nov 19. 2011. posted it on Jan. 22, 2012. Welcome, “Fertility 2.0″ And here is a quote from Danger Ranger on Fertility 1.0 Fertility was the Burning Man theme …