Happy Holls

Hoping you all enjoy a very happy holiday!  May you spend it surrounded by whatever you love best. Wishing you something fuzzy, something that’s on fire, and something so beautiful it almost makes you cry. until next year, loving…RLL your dTd

Ramping Up

Things are heating up here in LongLankenstein, and Regyna is running around like a little headless chicken (or should I say Hen Cock LOL) trying to get ready for her impending trip to the lovely metropolis of Black Rock City. If you are joining us in our fair city this fine and supposedly dusty (in …


The Spirit of Paradise

We are holding a fundraiser for the Twisted Upright House on July 1st up at Paradise Ridge. The Spirit of the Man show is up, the meadow is lovely this time of year, and you are all invited! The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation has really outdone itself this time.  the Spirit of the Man exhibit …