A little Grace

I know not all of you know Andie Grace, but she has been a HUGE influence on me personally. I am the Burner I am today because of her fierce philosophy, her relentless defense of the do-ocracy, and her idiomatic and always unique communication style. I’ve only met her a couple of times, and I know she’s not really working for the Burning Man anymore, but she’s still one of us.

Right now Ms. Grace is having a lil health crisis, and I’m reaching out to the healers, the believers in the power of prayer, and the heavy meditators out there – please send Andie a little grace.

What we thought was probably playa dust induced athsma has turned out to be a small (most likely) benign tumor. They are going to be removing it, and the prognosis is good, but I woke up this morning with Andie on my mind and I just wanted to let you all know in case you know her and weren’t aware. We love you Andie Grace!

So from my little corner of Longlankenstein I am sending you love and light, and all the admiration my heart can bear. The world needs a whole lot more of what Andie Grace has to give, so please, send her some good vibes and shine a little bit of white light her way. Burn on ActionGrrl, you are our shining star.  xoxo RLL

Update: surgery went well! Predictions include 50% more blather : D

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