Burnal Equinox

Hello North Bay Burners!

Ticket registration for the main sale starts today at noon. Go to your Burner Profile to get started.


Also read on for the Burnal Equinox happenings in the city.

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Burning Man presents…
SF BURNAL EQUINOX art salon & mixer!

Saturday, March 19th

8pm – 4am @ Public Works

161 Erie St, SF, CA 94103 (between Division & 14th St in the Mission)

21+ over – $20; $15 with donation of a homeless care pack**

Come early from 8 – 9:30 for Bridget’s Atelier, a hosted Figure Drawing Salon with sketchpads, easels and live models! Get coaching from Bridget on how to draw like da Vinci – and we’ll display the sketches afterwards.
Art • Music • Performance • Theme Camps • Unexpectables • You!

THEME: Night of A Thousand Guilds
DJs: Tim Sho ’nuff, Syd Gris, Ramona, Mystr Hatchet, Mosf3t, Mitztronic, Megowan, Mario Alcantár, Lord Price, Jonboy, Head Soar, Grape Vodka, Gleb, DJ Starbuck, DJ Feral, Dastardly, Cptn Jay, CaRedublic, Boris, Booty Jackers (Mr Bounceman vs. Rizzo), Alastair, Adam Brody, @lex, & MORE

ART & THEME CAMPS: Zap (Bruce Miles), Snap Yourself Photobooth, Sextant Camp, ICARUS (Loft Stage), Fireball Shooting Gallery (Al Stahler), Crossroads (David Normal), Bob Burnside, & EVEN MORE TO COME!
PERFORMERS & BANDS: Prince Xzist, NVO, Miss Emma Nation, Kaweh, I Can Dress Myself, CelloJoe, & YOU

We’ve got performers, bands, & DJs on the main stage downstairs, DJs performing in the ICARUS loft upstairs, and more DJs spinning outside on three channels of ZeroDB Silent Disco!

To volunteer, email SEvolunteers (at) burningman (dot) org or fill out this form:



**Homeless Care Packs will be gifted directly to homeless individuals by Burners. Bring at least 5 of the items listed below so we can make as many complete packs as possible. Multiples OK, we will re-pack.
Burnal Homeless Backpack Items Request List (PLEASE PUT ALL ITEMS IN A GALLON ZIPLOC BAG):

– New Socks: men’s athletic size 10-13 are most useful for everyone. Put each pair in a Ziploc bag so they remain clean and dry.

– Hand Sanitizer: liquid 3oz to 5oz non-floral or unscented. Or Baby Wipes

– Toiletries: 3 – 5 oz size bottles are best. Large sizes can be too heavy and a burden to carry.

– Toothbrush – soft bristles as many homeless have severe dental issues

– Toothpaste – tarter control especially

– Liquid soap (bars ok but less useful)

– Shampoo/conditioner – can be a combo in one bottle

– Disposable twin-blade razors and shave cream

– Feminine personal hygiene items: tampons, party-liners, pads, etc.

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