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Happy Holly Days North Bay Burners!

I hope you are all staying warm and being good to each other. Not a whole lot to report, just a note to say hi and come skating at the ice rink. Did you know Snoopy’s mom has been to Burning Man? Well it’s true! And the Peanuts gang has agreed to host us again this year, so come have some hot chocolate in the Warm Puppy and see the big tree.

We also have an update on the art grant program, see below for dates and information about applying for an Honorarium for this year’s burn. The theme should be announced soon, so get your applications and your letters of intent ready to go.

Wondering about what’s happening at the pipeline encampment? Barry, one of our local burners, is there helping to install ten solar panels for portable power. Christopher from BWB is there helping to put in composting toilets for the camps. And there are more heading out soon. Plenty of opportunities to help out with funding if you’re so inclined. Here are some links to find out how:

Just a start, and I’m sure there are more. Please be mindful of the elders and support them in the way they want you to be there if you decide to go out. If you have more information to share let me know and I will include. There is a talk tonight about it in Santa Rosa:

Wishing you all a safe, colorful and twinkly kind of time.

Much love,


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Come ice skating for the holidays! The tree will be lit, and it’s $5 to get in, including your skate rental. We will meet for hot chocolate in the Warm Puppy and watch the Woodstock Zamboni do its thing. Then we can hit the ice for a while. See you there!

Saturday, December 10 at 7:30 pm
Snoopy’s Home Ice
1667 W Steele Lane
Santa Rosa, California 95403

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Planning on applying for an art grant? Read on for a note about important dates and information about the Honoraria program from the art team:

Good news – I’m excited to let you know that we will be announcing the theme shortly and opening the LOI on Tuesday, Dec. 6! The LOI deadline will be Jan. 4.
As we eagerly await the theme, we recognize that the sooner we can notify you about the awards, the better. We are holding fast to a March 2 final notification and so recognize that we have to compress the timeline to make that happen. So here’s the plan:

OPPORTUNITY FOR EARLY NOTIFICATION: If you submit your LOI during the first week it’s open (so by Dec. 13) we will notify you by Dec. 22 if you’ve been invited to submit a full proposal. We will also send you a full preview of the proposal so you will have 7 weeks to work on it. (You’ll notice we’re incentivizing early submission of the LOI so that we can keep the process moving!)

If you submit your LOI any time after the first week & before the Jan. 4 deadline, we will notify you by Jan. 12, and you will have almost 3 weeks to work on your full proposal.

The deadline for full grant proposals will be Jan. 31.

We are committed to sending final award notification to applicants by March 2 (same date as in 2016).

I know that’s a lot of dates, so there’s a timeline below for easy reference.
As I shared earlier this week, there is a full preview of the LOI questions on our website so you can get started writing now if you’d like to get on board early.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to write to us at artgrants (at) burningman (dot) org

Dec. 6: LOI opens (noon)
Dec. 13: Deadline for LOI “Early Responder/Early Notification” (5pm)
Dec. 22: Notification for Early Responders
Jan. 4: LOI closes (5pm)
Jan. 12: Notification for LOIs submitted after Dec. 13.
Jan. 31: Full grant proposal deadline (5pm)
March 2: Final notification

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