Art from Recycled Tooth Brushes

Happy Earth Day! Here is a fun project from long time burner Scott London:

My name is Scott London. I created an organization called “Revitalize.” Our goal is to bring the collective conciseness of Burning Man to the outside world.

Our Mission is to take one of the principles of burning man, “Leave no trace” and use it to educate kids across the country on the importance of recycling plastic by recycling their TOOTHBRUSH.

The Toothbrush is an everyday item that many of us forget is often made from plastic. We are asking schools to participate in collecting old used toothbrushes to help us build a communal art project.

It’s estimated that over ONE BILLION toothbrushes make their way to landfills annually and takes several hundred years for these plastic toothbrushes to decompose into our soil. We are now in a full-blown plastic epidemic threatening our environment. Lets use our collective power in putting plastic in its proper place through recycling.

We have created a year round sustainable program for every school that participates in our art recycling project. It’s a great program where your school earns .02 cents for every piece of plastic they collect and recycle. In addition, our organization will be giving away a $5,000 grant to one school through a collection contest.

We need your help in spreading this campaign to your regional group of burners who have a child in school or have a direct relationship with a school. We’re looking for as many schools as possible to participate.

If there’s anyone who’s interested in getting their schools involved, please E-mail us at bmtoothbrush (at) gmail (dot) com to start the process of registering. The process is simple. We’ll walk you through each step. Once your school is registered, they’ll receive a ReVITALize bin to start collecting toothbrushes.

Thank you for your help and participation.

Scott London, The ReVITALize Team
bmtoothbrush (at) gmail (dot) com

Do you know of a school that would like to help out? Email Scott at bmtoothbrush (at) gmail (dot) com  and get them set up with a collection bin!

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