Fertility 2.0

Thoughts on the non official non theme according to Halcyon from Hug Nation from the Burning Blog.

Larry Harvey announced the 2012 Theme at Artumnal on Nov 19. 2011.
BurningMan.com posted it on Jan. 22, 2012.
Welcome, “Fertility 2.0″

And here is a quote from Danger Ranger on Fertility 1.0

Fertility was the Burning Man theme for 1997. It was all about the land. The location was a small playa in the Hualapi Valley, a fertile place with a protected & defensible boundary. It was the first year of no driving and also the founding year of the new Burning Man organization. The Temple/Opera theme for 1997 was Daughters of Ishtar: “In the first days, in the very first days, when Heaven had separated from Earth, the serpent that could not be charmed, made its nest in the roots of the apple tree.”

In 1998, a new Burning Man burst forth from that sheltering womb and back out onto the open playa. Since that time, the orange fence has served as a protective membrane, both practical & symbolic. 1998 was also the year that Marvel Comics came out with a ‘Burning Man’ issue of X-Force, which still rings true today; “We are the new mutants.”

In 2012, Burning Man will go beyond the orange fence with Fertility 2.0. It will be a new diaspora for a technologically advanced burning culture. We live in a rapidly changing world. Mutate, Pullulate & Thrive.

And to complete our thematic contemplation I offer you this from Randal Alan Smith:

Here’s how Burning Man themes have always recycled motifs that seem to run throughout the history of the event.

Biology and Ecology
(Decorated with flora and fauna)
Green Man
Fertility 2.0

Religion, Myth & the Mind
(Spotlighting temples and ritual)
Good & Evil
Inferno (Helco)
Seven Ages of Man
Beyond Belief
Hope & Fear
Rites of Passage

Futurism and Outer Space
(Could all be decorated with star fields, costumes could be space suits)
Nebulous Entity
Wheel of Time
Vault of Heaven

Social Issues
(All addressing utopia vs dystopia, and tall buildings)
Inferno (Helco)
American Dream

The Playa as a Body of Water
(Spotlighting art cars that look like boats)
Floating World

The Human Figure
(Spotlighting body paint and statues)
The Body
Seven Ages of Man

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