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Dear North Bay Burners,

This one kind of got away from me! Sorry for the late post on the newsletter this month. We had so much fun doing the shopping cart race I kind of forgot to write. But I know you’re all ready for more so here it is – all the news that fits.

The Cotatitarod was a very fun day, we ran around, crawled the pubs in our dog suits, and collected around 400 pounds of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank. The racers, volunteers and organizers all want to do it again next year, and the City of Cotati wants us back, so look for it to happen again the first weekend of March 2018!

We have an Airpusher Collective fundraiser, a camp out for Queer Burners and allies, some information on the Temple Build and my write up on the inaugural Cotatitarod shopping cart race in Cotati.

Spring is here Burners, time to figure out what to build!

xoxo RLL

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Airpusher Collective & Vau de Vire present…
Steampunk Masquerade | Under The Big ToP


Saturday, May 13th | 4:00pm – 2:00am
All ages until 9 pm | 21+ after 9 pm

Grab your goggles, shine your boots, and don your finest garb in anticipation of an event experience that you’ll never forget! Airpusher Collective is incredibly thrilled to be partnering with Vau de Vire to bring you the fifth installment of the rip-roaring, art infused, steam powered, Burning Man to the Bay experience. This year we’ll be docking the Airpusher Airship in Alameda and getting down all around Vau de Vire’s magical and monstrous Italian Big Top for a steampunk meets circus mashup extravaganza!

//—– Featuring —–//

☞ 1 Big Top Circus Tent
☞ 5 acres of Big Art
☞ Parading Art Cars
☞ Multiple Indoor/Outdoor Stages
☞ Play all day | Masquerade at Night
☞ Bad Ass Bands | Ass-Bumpin’ DJs
☞ Circus | Burlesque | Fire Performances
☞ Artisan Galleries & Gardens
☞ Carnival Rides & Midway Games
☞ Food & Artisan Vendors

Full event details and updates on Facebook:

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All Of Us 2017

All of Us is the only event geared towards LGBTQ+ Burners and their allies! Formerly the Queer Burner Retreat, this event will feature dancing, parties, music, art previews, workshops, and more! All Of Us is in its third year, and located in a pristine, remote Northern California location. This event runs May 25-29. Tickets are available now!

Saratoga Springs, Upper Lake, CA
Tickets available online.

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The Burning Man Temple needs your help!

We’re excited to be working on the Temple for Burning Man and wanted to share with you a little bit about this year’s team, our process, and plans for this year’s Burn. We’re reaching out to all the regional leads because we are in need of help to make sure this year’s Temple project is smooth and successful.

As with every Burning Man Temple, assistance from the community and financial support from generous donors are necessary to take it from idea to reality. As you know, the Temple project is central to Burning Man — it is built by and for the community. The power of the Temple comes from the energy, dedication, and devotion that is built into it by its contributors.

We are reaching out to you and your region to invite you to help us build the Temple. We realize that your geographical location may not allow for you to help us physically during build days, but your support and the support of Burners in your region to help us fundraise will create a Temple that is truly built by and for the entire Burning Man community.

There are several ways you and your region can help:

•Encourage Burners (and non-Burners) in your area to make tax-deductible donations through the Burning Man Project:
•Donate a portion of proceeds to the Temple from fundraisers already planned in your region. In return, we’ll help to promote these events through our webpage, social media outlets, and networks.
•Spread the word about this year’s Temple and have people check out more details on:

◦Temple website:
◦Temple Instagram: handle “temple_2017” and hashtag “#temple2017”
◦Temple Facebook page:
◦Temple Facebook Volunteers Facebook page:
◦For anyone in the Bay Area and/or those who are able to come early to the playa for the build, please visit out volunteer sign-up page:

We’ll have more information soon about other fundraising campaigns we are planning (e.g. our Hatchfund campaign will be launching on May 18th) and will post updates on the Temple website.

Thank you for your time and we’ll see you on the playa!

With Much Love, The Temple 2017 Crew

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Cotatitarod 2017 Wrap Up

We really had a great day. Five teams ran. We collected entry fees of around 400 pounds of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank. And a great time was had by all.

It takes a dedicated team to pull off an event like this, and a strong group with incredibly varied talents came together to make it happen. Our parent event in Chicago would be proud! The CHIditarod created huge shoes for us to fill. We have only begun to find our own flavor of shopping cart race inspired by their awesome event.

We had 30 volunteers and 20 participants come out to create this event together. Although everyone who came out to support the cause is a winner, here is who took home the coveted scrap art trophies as a tangible reward for being a very good dawg:

First Across the Finish Line: Flaming Waldo’s
Best Decorated Cart: Downward Dogs
Best Themed Costumes: Doggie Style
Best Sprinter: Deble Faulkner of Trash Dogs
Best Last Minute Entry: Golden Rod
Best Team Effort: Downward Dogs
Most Dastardly Team or Best Act of Sabotage: Flaming Waldo’s
Best Use of Repurposed Materials: Trash Dogs

Cotatitarod 2017 is a wrap, our inaugural shopping cart race is done. We were small but mighty, and now we prepare for next year! Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a great day. for pictures and more gratitude.

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