November NorthBayNews

Gosh the time got away from me, it’s already way past the first of the month and I am just sitting down to write you the monthly missive. Luckily not a one Post Request waiting in the inbox, so at least I’m not missing sending you anything timely.

What I really wanted to talk to you about is the haunted maze we went to last month. Did anyone else go? I was so impressed with what one family could do with their tiny front yard. They took what they had and leveraged it into a fun community event that brought people together, scared the living daylights out of them, and raised a ton of money for charity. That’s what I want to do! Only with Burning Man instead of Halloween : D  ok so I don’t even have a front yard, but that’s not going to stop me. What I have is you, a ton of super creative, enthusiastic people who think it’s cool to give back to the community and like to do it in perhaps subversive but always fun and surprising ways. So what the heck am I talking about? Read on…

We have been meeting for the last six months or so working on establishing a nonprofit for our region. North Bay Interactive Arts is our goal, and we are still working towards that but since it’s taking so long to get the bylaws and the board in place we decided to table that for now and just do stuff instead. So in that spirit I will establish Snarky Arts Incorporated as our event production vehicle as a sole proprietorship until we are ready to take on the nonprofit once again.

Snarky Arts is a more down and dirty, just get her done kind of organization. It will not turn into our eventual nonprofit, it will be its own thing working on a more grass roots level. Snarky Arts wants to organize guerilla events, flash mobs and other social disturbances aimed at raising awareness or increasing the general whimsy. Snarky Arts will focus on showcasing new, cutting edge artists in all formats. Snarky Arts wants to foster the odd, encourage the unruly, and generally cause an artistic ruckus. Where North Bay Interactive Arts (which incidentally had it’s name request and articles of incorporation rejected…for now!) was kind of like Meeting Man, Snarky Arts will be an off the cuff hot mess breaking ground and taking names.

So that’s what we’ve been up to North Bay. We are chomping at the bit to get something going, and we need you. Next on the Snarky Arts agenda? Holding an Ice Cream Social to say thank you for being so darn awesome, and also to introduce you to Chimera Art Space. They are creating a shared workshop/warehouse in Sonoma County and we are very excited to see that happening in our community so we want to help out any way we can. They are having a fundraiser at Arlene Francis and we are going to try to be there too, serving up the sweet creamy goodness, and talking to you about Snarky Arts and what we can get up to next.

So come find us, at the monthly meet and greet on the 18th in Cotati, or out at some local event soon. There are lots of cool things going on around the county, check it out and report back!  that is all.  xoxo RLL

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