Eggs for CORE

Want to get involved creatively in the North Bay CORE project?  Make eggs! the Trinity County sea turtle project is well under way and we have the details from Nathan on how to make the eggs at home so you can send them in to be included in the burn.

The size of the eggs will be 1.5 inches in diameter +/- .25 inches.  The eggs will be made of wood.  Please leave a nickel sized dot on one side without decoration so it can be attached to the rest of the eggs in the driftwood sea turtle nest.  If you cannot find, or cannot afford eggs let us know and Nathan will mail you one.  As it turns out turtle eggs are spherical and round, not egg shaped at all.

Paint it, carve it, engrave it, do your thing.  Make your own egg in a spherical, round ball shape in the correct dimensions (one and a half inches in diameter, give or take. readily available crafty item, please don’t use anything super toxic on it – we are going to be standing around it breathing while it burns.  our lungs thank you) and send it on in to us.  Nathan will make sure it gets attached to its nest mates and is majestically displayed on playa.

Then your art will go up in a blaze of glory on Thursday night in Black Rock City during a historical 34 effigy simultaneous ignition burn.

We decided that the main turtle will be a Leatherback sea turtle, which is common to the pacific northwest and has a distinguishing sea turtle appearance. It will be cut out of the trunk of a black locust tree. At our next work meeting we will start doing the rough cutting and peeling of the log. The black locust has a very light creamy colored wood which will lend well to staining. One of our group members is contributing her knowledge of natural dyes to add burnable color. After staining the details of the turtle will be burned into the wood. The shell will also feature some original designs.  – Nathan

You can get the round, wooden eggs on Amazon and then decorate them:

  • Wood Shapes Value Pack-ball 1-1/4″ 10/pkg – The New Image Group In Stock Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping T $5.37
  • Wood Shapes Value Pack-ball 1-1/2″ 6/pkg – The New Image Group In Stock Shipped from: -Supermart $5.68
  • Balls, Round, 1-1/2″ Diameter – Woodcraft Supply In Stock Shipped from: Woodcraft $10.50/12 pack

or if you are all wood lathe like that you can make your own. Nathan says the nest will hold about 200 eggs, so make sure you let him know how many you are making so he can plan accordingly.  He needs them by the end of July – the official word from Nathan, king of the turtles and all eggs and further domains :: July 28th.  have the eggs to Nathan in Trinity County by July 28th so they can be properly settled into their nest for the trip to the playa.  that is all.  please return to incubating.  oh, you can contact him here:  nelstein (at) vt (dot) edu

Be a part of the CORE.  do your egg

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