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Well my North Bay Burners it is less than one hundred days until the man burns! 93 to be exact. Are you ready? Build all the things!
Your regional contacts have four spanking new emails. The northbay@ address will still come to all four of us but if you want to reach us individually you can do that now by emailing us at first name dot last name at burning man dot org.
The Art Installation questionnaire closes at noon on June 11th
and Salon is tonight!
see you out there North Bay
xoxo RLL
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Newbie Orientation
North Bay Salon is tonight!
Thursday June 4th at 7pm
Funk & Flash

228 S Main St, Sebastopol, California 95472


This month is our annual Newbie Orientation. We are being hosted by Jared out at Funk & Flash for a fun and informational evening. We will talk about what to bring and how to keep your shade structure from flying away as well as a ton of other fun. So come ignite your n00b and get a 10% off coupon for the store too. See you there!

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Participation Picnic

June 06, 2015 @ 11am – 6pm
Mosswood Park
3612 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94609

You are invited to join your fellow volunteers / creators / newbies for The Participation POTLUCK Picnic (event formerly known as Bar-B-Que-a-Noobie) in Oakland’s Mosswood Park, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from MacArthur BART!

This year we are inviting Burning Man staff and Volunteer Coordinators, artists, theme camps and newbies. You are the people that make Burning Man happen and the Volunteer Resource Team wants to thank and support you!

Please bring your favorite eats / treats to the POTLUCK to enjoy food, drinks and games in the sunshine as your gift to your fellow Burners.

Come share what you are excited about for this years Burn and connect with VRT to figure out ways we can support you during crunch time and on playa.

The Volunteer Resource Team is providing entertainment and games… and Bar-B-Que basics!

Bocci Ball
Kick Ball with a little slosh
Hula Hoop Jam

Bar-B-Que Basics
Burgers & Dogs
Buns and Chips
Veggie options
non-alcoholic drinks

Have questions? Contact the Volunteer Resource Team

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MPYRE – Monterey Burning Man Regional Group Presents

MPYRE Strikes Back
A Community Gathering & Celebration
Saturday, June 6, 2015
Monterey Bay Park @ Del Monte Beach
699 Del Monte Ave
Monterey CA 93940
$10 Suggested Donation

One Inspiring Day of:

Join us for the only Ongoing, FREE to the Public, Official Burning Man Regional Event in the United States! Bring your happy energy to create the 10th edition of MPYRE’s beach burn at Del Monte Beach!

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Camp Hellnback call for art submissions
Seeking art made by military veterans to display at the burn this year
share your story!
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Call for Participation – Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Add ‘E’ for ‘Ecosexual’ to GLBTQII at SF Pride

We are particularly in need of Safety Monitors for this event. The Safety Monitors will be given a thank you dinner at 6:30 pm in addition to receiving some fun gifts.
Thank you so much, Natasha

Contact: Kate Fritz, kate.d.fritz@gmail.com (707)484-8885

Website: www.theEcosexuals.org

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens Add

‘E’ for ‘Ecosexual’ to GLBTQII at SF Pride

San Francisco, CA—Celebrated Bay Area performance artists Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle will create the first official ‘Ecosexual contingent’ at the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 28th. They will march with their human-powered ‘Pollination Pod’ parade float, and a group of over one hundred collaborators who embrace the ecosexual identity. The contingent is sponsored by the Center for Sex & Culture and is part of the Queer Arts Festival. Everyone is invited to participate.

Stephens and Sprinkle want to raise the visibility of Ecosexuality and have it recognized as an identity alongside lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and intersex. The Ecosexual parade event will kick off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to ‘Add the E’ to LGBTQI’E’ and a water toast. “We’d like to see more queer people involved in the environmental movement, so we want to make the movement more sexy, fun and diverse,” says Sprinkle.

In 2008, the two artists made a commitment to infuse the environmental movement with more play and sensual pleasure to counteract prevailing doom and gloom narratives. That led them to hold nineteen public ecosex weddings to marry nature entities such as the sky, sun, soil, sea, and moon, with thousands of participants in nine countries. They also made a documentary, Goodbye Gauley Mountain—An Ecosexual Love Story, 2014, in response to mountaintop removal coal mining in Stephens’ home state West Virginia, just released by a respected distributor, Kino Lorber.

Stephens, a professor of art at UC Santa Cruz and longtime environmental activist says, “The Ecosexual movement is really about imagination and desire, and creating a more pleasurable and loving relationship with the Earth. Ecosexuals say that humans are not better than other species, and we are not separate from the ecosystem around us. We are part of it and it is part of us.” Annie Sprinkle adds that “Ecosexuality is an inclusive identity—you can be gay, straight, queer, or even celibate and identify as ecosexual.”

The artists agree that their work is inspired by the direct action tactics of highly visible movements like ACT UP in the 1980’s. “These are very serious issues we’re addressing. There’s almost nothing more serious than California’s current water situation. Our activism is celebrating the Earth as our lover using performance art.”

The Pride event will launch the “Here Come the Ecosexuals” California summer tour, in which Stephens and Sprinkle will lead ecosexual walking tours, glamping trips, and start a new documentary film to raise awareness of California’s water issues.

SF Pride starts at Beale and Market at 10:30AM on June 28. Ribbon cutting & toast at 10:00AM.  For details how to collaborate, join contingent and attend ribbon cutting toast: www.theEcosexuals.org

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Soul Fire

It’s the ninth annual precom and Regional Burn in the Los Gatos hills! Get ready for three days and two nights of community, dance, art, performances, drummers, musicians, theme camps, random acts of radical self-expression, and more!

June 26 @ 12:00 pm – June 28 @ 6:00 pm | $70

20600 Aldercroft Heights Road Los Gatos, CA United States


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Burning Man presents
PRECOMPRESSION at American Steel!
Saturday, June 20th
American Steel Studios, 1960 Mandela Pkwy, Oakland
Participate in this BIG ART CIRCUS and showcase of art, ideas and culture. This will be a downhome throwdown of artistically epic proportions! You can expect all the trappings you know and love: from big art, theme camps and mutant vehicles to fanciful and firey artists, performers and participants of every variety. This event at one of the Bay Area’s most loved art making spaces, brings the party to the ARTy in grand style!
Artists, performers, theme camps, and art cars wanting to participate should email:  flambelounge@burningman.com today!
Want to volunteer? Email Sevolunteers@burningman.org
We’ll post more info shortly.
See you JUNE 20th!!!
American Steel provides affordable work space in which artists and innovators can create, produce, evolve and engage the local community on a multitude of levels. They are dedicated to art creation and community engagement in their West Oakland neighborhood and are the home of many talented and passionate artists who create stunning art for Black Rock City and the Bay Area annually.
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Want to sign up to work a shift in the Midway? email me at kellyann.walton@burningman.org and get on the roster.
Or make an oddity for the cabinet of curiosities in the Odditorium!
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