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Happy almost Spring North Bay!

Deadlines sounds so threatening, let’s call them livelines. Ok that sounds stupid. well these here forms are going live at a certain point, and then they will be dead to you if you don’t fill them in and submit them on time. Submit! you know you wanna. but seriously, here is some info on the forms that be. and some other stuff. hope you are having a fun spring and soaking it all in. I’m all over the place meself, stage managing a play at 6th Street, very fun. oh, and Salon is still on Walkabout, this month – Monte Rio!

here’s to soaking in the rains and being. just being.

xoxo RLL

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BRC Participation Forms – New Launch Date March 4

An update from Bettie June: Please note the new launch date for BRC Participation Forms (also called “questionnaires”) is March 4 (formerly February 19). On March 4 you’ll be able to access the appropriate forms (through your Burner Profile) to apply for or register your art installation, mutant vehicle, theme camp or media project. If you don’t have a Burner Profile you’ll want to create one now.

We’ve made this change to ensure ticketing registration and sales have the tech support they need in February. We’re also using the time to streamline the participation forms.

For the eager among you, this gives you two extra weeks to prepare! We look forward to reading your applications and learning about all of the greatness you’re sure to bring to BRC this year.
2014 BRC Participation Forms

Camp Placement Questionnaire: March 4, 2014 – April 30, 2014 at noon Pacific Time
Mutant Vehicle Application: March 4, 2014 – May 15, 2014 at noon Pacific Time
Disabled Persons Vehicle Application: March 4, 2014 – July 31, 2014 at noon Pacific Time
Art Installation Questionnaire: March 4, 2014 – June 11, 2014 at noon Pacific Time
Media Application: Open on March 4, 2014. Deadline for video/film and all other press is July 10, 2014 at noon Pacific Time.
For more detailed information please see our BRC Participation Forms FAQ.

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upcoming rainwater harvesting system installation workshop, It is not specific to Burning Man, BUT it is DIY, environmentally friendly, interactive, community-building, and fun! Whaddya think? Janelle Black is hosting the workshop, and Blue Barrel is leading the installation and handling registration and details. It will be on Saturday, March 8th.

Hands-On Installation Workshop in Santa Rosa!

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This is a cool project an ex Canadian RC pointed out called Loop Cycles. “Primarily we are focusing on Burning Man at the moment, and have partnered up with Bicycles For Humanity who are already an established grassroots organisation who have been working in Namibia for 7 years. They have people on ground there who work hard to set up bicycle empowerment centres and work closely with the communities. We have also custom designed the bikes for the kalahari deserts and the needs of the community there. As much as we would love to be supporting indigenous kids, we would like to stay partnered with Bicycles for HUmanity and support the amazing work they have been doing. IN terms of the cost, the LOOP bike has been subsidized by Bicycles For Humanity and by Lekker bikes to make it so affordable for people.” As Steph says For $135 you can pick up a great playa bike in Reno then give it back to them and they will send it to Nambia Pretty awesome idea especially for those coming from overseas.

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and this from a fellow RC in Northern Ohio known as Everyman – 6 things the world could learn from Burning Man

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a grant opportunity!


The Burning Man Global Network and Burners Without Borders excitedly
announces a new $500 grant opportunity with the 2014 Walk the Walk Grant

This means YOU and YOUR community!
We want to give you $$$ to make your community project happen!
Deadline March 23rd, Apply here: 2014 Submission form (Walk the

Projects and proposals will be read and reviewed during the Community
Grants Workshop at the Burning Man GLC 2014.

-What sort of projects will this fund?-
Does your community already have an innovative project idea and need help with funding? Have you been looking for a way to help kick start a local project? Simply looking for a way to start the conversation about civic and community projects? This grant might be for you!

This grant is open to ANY community or regional group that is being backed by a Regional Contact.

Read the grant outline on the BwB Website:

We look forward to seeing all the project ideas!

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The Eighth Annual Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC)
returns to San Francisco in a mere month (April 3-6, 2014).

Each year, Regional Contacts, community leaders, and Burning Man staff
gather, connect and share ideas about how to inspire greater
engagement with the Burning Man global community and culture. Local
activation is the theme for this year’s conference, and you are hereby
invited to represent during GLC’s Ignite talks.

What are you and your friends doing at the local level to fire up the
community with Burner values and culture? Working with local kids?
Environmental or garden projects? Innovative public art or radical
acts of gifting? Your talks don’t have to be about local action or
Burning Man (though they can be), but they should definitely be
something that would appeal to our Burner audience of GLC attendees.
We want to hear about your cool ideas, hacks, lessons–bring it on!

The Ignite format was created by Brady Forrest, a long-time Burner and
all-around awesome guy. Each talk will be 5 minutes long with 20
slides, 15 seconds per slide (they auto-advance). If you haven’t seen
an Ignite talk, watch some videos at We have
limited spaces (16 total) so we may have to make some tough
selections. Give us your best shot.

Submit your talk idea by *Friday, March 21, 2014* here:

Info about GLC here:

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Salon is on Saturday, March 15th with a potluck at 7pm out in Monte Rio with Chuck and Lauren. Please email for directions! lvolpini2012 (at) gmail (dot) com

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